Tuesday 11 September 2012

100th post!

This is my 100th post on this blog and it's gonna be a special one! 

If you are wondering why the quality of the above image is better than usual...well...it's cos I got a new camera! 

Okay, so fine. I didn't get a new camera. It's just that we went for a photoshoot a few weeks back! Yes! I managed to get us a last minute booking in time for Kaitlin's birthday. Honestly, I don't even know why I rushed it in the first place, because I don't think I'm even using her photos for her birthday -.- Anyway, it was really fun and a great experience!

We had our photos taken by BabyU Studio. Back before the shoot, I was reading the blogs of other mommies, and surfing the net looking at super adorable photos of babies and I knew I wanted the same for Kaitxz. Sadly, it is really costly in Singapore and at one point in time I was just like nah, forget it. We will probably just dump it one side after we get the photos. Eventually, I reasoned with myself that well, babies are only babies for awhile, and I really wanted to keep those precious memories. What if one day I had a concussion and lost my memory?! At least I would have photos to help me trigger back my memory right!

Besides that, the chance is never gonna come back when it's gone. Kaitlin is only gonna ever be an infant once. The next child that we possibly have is not gonna be anything the same as Kaitlin, so I decided that we shall just do it. What's more, I discussed with Daddy Li and I guessed he knew I wanted to do it..so he just said if I wanted to do it, to just do it then. Why live life with regrets right? 

I surfed the net and viewed the portfolio of the different photo studios and photographers. To be honest, I was being nit-picky and all..and eventually I settled with my first choice which was BabyU Studio. It had the exact concept that I wanted for Kaitlin when I was reading a mommy's blog back when Kaitlin was still tiny. The mommy and the studio she had her baby photos taken at was however based in Korea. At that point I was feeling quite sad cos I didn't chance across any photo studios that had what I wanted and imagined for Kaitlin. 

Thankfully, due to the wonders of Google, I happend to chance onto BabyU's website. How friggin awesome right?! They have these amazing sets at their photo studio which serve as amazing backdrops for your babies/kids' photos. Fast forward to our photoshoot....

After booking our slot, I was just so excited that I totally forgot to check out where their location was..and when I did find out the location, like just a couple of hours before the shoot, I almost wanted to back out. It was so bloody far, and to be frank, I was quite exhausted. I was also worried about how we were gonna get there without Kaitlin kicking up a fuss in between.

We came up with a plan. To try and get Kaitlin to nap and to cab over. Sounds so simple right? It's not. It is not easy to get your baby to nap if they don't want to. Thankfully,  I timed her nap time so that it would be just nice and it worked! Babygirl woke up exactly as we got off the cab. How awesome right? :D

Since she just woke up she was kinda stoned..but I guess that was a good thing..cos she got a little cranky towards the end as I was not physically by her side..though I was just like a metre away. This girl still has her anxiety issues -.-

Enough talk! Here are the peektures:

Kaitlin's OOTD -
White Dress from Zara | Hair Bow gifted from Chateau de sable |
Shoes gifted from H&M

If you were wondering if Kaitxz dress was a tad too big for her..well it's cos it was meant for 2 years old..but it seemed to sort of fit her, so I dressed her in it anyway!

Which kid doesn't love bubbles right?

Those peektures were just some of the many photos we have, but I'm honestly too lazy to post all up. Like I said, we took three different concepts and there's still one more concept left! I will be sharing it in my next post so keep a look out for it!:)


  1. teeeheehee so cute!! and i think it's great you went ahead with the shoot! these memories are forever to keep now! :D

    1. Hi Juu! Awww..thanks! Lol yeah, totz didn't regret it one bit! Thanks for hopping over to read btw :) Think your are doing a lovely job on your blog..love how chio it is unlike mine!