Wednesday 12 September 2012

BabyU Photo Shoot

As promised in my previous post, here are the photos from the last concept that we took at BabyU Photo Studio!

By this time, Kaitlin was getting a little cranky, so we tried to calm her down with snacks..that's why she's like putting her fingers in her mouth and all!

Kaitlin's OOTD - 
Tutu Skirt from H&M | Accessories borrowed from BabyU International Photo Studio

Overall, the experience at BabyU Studio was a good one. The staff were generally friendly and I liked that they gave us the option that should our baby/child not be in a good mood that day we could always return to do the shoot, cos well babies and children are really unpredictable. Also, you don't have to decide on which package you want to take beforehand, but rather, you can decide after looking at all the images. Some of their products are also from Korea like the crystal frame, however, Lihai and I weren't very interested in those so we just stuck to the basic package which included 3 edited images. Of course, we decided to buy all the copies back as well.

If you seen the photos and think they are can hop on over to their site or contact them at :)

A few more days left before my babygirl turns #thebigone! Counting down over here:)

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