Monday 17 September 2012

Kaitlin is ONE YEAR OLD!

As of today, yes at 16:38, my babygirl is ONE YEAR OLD! *throws all sorts of confetti you can possibly imagine into the air* :D

Oh my! Where do I begin?! It's really been such a journey, and now she has graduated from being an infant, to a toddler! I've a toddler guys! A toddler! You know what that means?! Soon, she'll be walking around the house, running and potty training will start. Before I know it, she might start jumping, talking (real words), dancing and the list goes on. Actually, to be frank, I'm not very sure what toddlers do other than the fact that they are much more active. Pretty evident signs from the photos below:

Now I feel like a lost woman again. The same feeling I felt when it hit me that I've a baby to look after, and I completely do not know what to do. Yes, sure I read up, but's a totally different thing when it comes down to actually looking after a baby. Now, I'm feeling unsure of what's next and how to handle a toddler. Back then, it seemed like it would be much easier to look after a toddler compared to an infant. Yet now, it seems like babies are a much better option after all. Well, cos they can't really move and they have so little needs. Food, water, poop. They don't even need to be entertained when they first come out and for the next few months after. A toddler,  brings about a whole new situation, and I just really don't know what to do or to expect! Baby steps I guess..or in this case..toddler steps! Hurhur geddit?

Currently, as it is, my just turned one year old has already started showing first signs of her personality. I'm gonna be honest and doesn't look pretty and it ain't going to be easy to handle! She likes to throw things, yes, on purpose and she will start kicking up a fuss when she doesn't like something. When we do not oblige, she breaks out into tears. Well done, child! You have successfully taken after your momma when she was a small girl! Yes, I shall admit, I was indeed not that easy to handle and I suspect this is karma. Let's just hope she inherits some form of goodness from her Papa's genes.

In her last month of infanthood,

Kaitlin is still not sleeping through the night
She is very much attached to the breast
She eats her solids, but not alot
She has tried parsnip, pumpkin, home cooked veggie stock, apple & cinnamon cereal
Kaitlin can drink from a sippy cup!
She has developed a habit of sticking her index finger into her nose and mouth. Yes, that's super disgusting, and we always push her finger away and tell her no. Obviously, not working but we are trying. I guess its normal, but damn annoying and unhygienic please.
Kaitlin likes to play with my belly button before she goes to sleep
She starts to ignore me and attempts to escape to play whenever I try to read her a book
Her fourth tooth is out!
Kaitlin finally sits down when she has her baths now! When she was tiny we lay her down on this support thing, then when she got older and didn't want to lie down she would stand up..and everything I attempt to sit her down she would get angry/cry. Now, she does it voluntarily!
Needles to say, bathtime is her fav time!
Kaitlin can stand! Super major happy when she first stood up for like more than 5 seconds. So proud of my babygirl!
She sometimes knows how to imitate our actions or facial expressions.
She knows how to stick her tongue out
New food(s) she has tried: Parsnip, brown rice (grains) pumpkin, apple & cinnamon cereal, egg yolk, cucumber, red capsicum
Kaitlin knows how to Hi-5!
She knows what "wash hands" mean and sticks her hands out on most occasions
She doesn't seem to understand "No" or takes it seriously, but rather mischeiveously continues what she is doing!
Kaitlin knows how to take out her clothes through her head
She recently started pulling her own ears!
She is able to walk with one hand assisted

on Kaitlin:
Dress from Tango Designs | Accessory from Lollipop

Sigh, they certainly grow up too fast. I'm really happy that I've been blessed with a healthy daughter, and that I'm lucky enough to spend first year of her life with her. Looking back, I really don't regret choosing to stay home and look after her. It's tough, and never a bed of roses. Yet, the smiles, that look of innocence when she sleeps and all of her "baby-ness" makes up for it all!

Having her is truly such a joy and blessing. Besides learning how to be a mommy and take care of a young one, it has taught me to grow and mature faster, love unconditionally and how to be grateful and appreciate all the little things in life. Thank you babygirl for coming into my life <3

I will never forget the few days before I had her. The last few hours and minutes before she came into our lives. More importantly, the first few minutes when she entered ours, and how I just held her in my arms. The moment was truly a magical one, and one that I will always hold close to my heart and never fail to remind myself of what a great gift it was and is.

Not forgetting, I finally do have a family of my own! Since having a tough childhood, it has always been my small girl dream to start and have a family of my own when I'm young. I know it's not practical and not easy, but I just always wanted it, and now I really do have it! :D

Kaitlin's turning one also means that Lihai and I have been parents for a year! We lasted through it! This really calls for a celebration, because being pregnant was tough, but raising a baby is harder. I can't believe that we have started our parenthood journey so young, but I'm glad we did. We've learnt so much, and we look at things differently from before. I really am grateful to have Lihai in my life, to be my life partner, and the father of my beautiful child. Really wouldn't have it any other way. At times, things get tough, but it's always better when you are around <3


  1. Hello Beverly!
    Congrats to Kaitlin's 1st birthday! It is actually pretty normal for toddlers to throw things; it helps them to learn cause-and-effect (I throw, I make noise) so don't worry too much about it but don't encourage it too much too! Haha.

    Very soon Kaitlin will start walking, and she will be rushing all over the place and pushing and pulling and plomping on the floor with her butt (toddlers characteristics) so I will encourage you to maybe buy her a big ball for her to roll around and push it round and round when the time comes! :D

    Happy motherhood!

  2. Hello Kai Ting!

    Thanks for your wishes:) Aww..thanks for filling me in about the toddler stuff, very helpful and good to know! Nice bumping into you that day and I hope everything is good for you:)