Wednesday 26 September 2012

Menya Musashi

This is quite a backdated post D: feel so guilty blogging this like weeks later..but I was busy..and there were more important things to blog about, like Kaitlin's first birthday. Plus, I have yet to even blog about how we spent her actual birthday with her..and omg, my own birthday post is not even up yet. D:

Anyway! I was craving for ramen, and I had been seeing those pillar ads in we ended up at Menya Musashi. Fun fact! Did you know that before Menya Musashi, the same place was actually another ramen shop called Aoba?

The food took awhile to arrive..or okay fine, maybe it was because I was hungry and impatient as well..but the waiting time is definitely longer than Ippudo's, when it was not even that crowded.

So I opted for the noodle and soup option to be separate. In this option, you can choose the amount of noodles you want to have at a fixed price. How awesome is that?! I think that's great on days when you are super famished. Also, you get to choose from three different soup stocks, white (original), red (spicy) or black (fried garlic and onion). Surprisingly, the black soup stock was not overpowering, but fragrant. 

Lihai ordered the recommended Tokyo Akiba Curry ramen. Both were pretty good, but I definitely prefer Ippudo's ramen. 

As for mine, I liked that we could order a bigger portion, and it was indeed quite alot. Before you think that I was being greedy, I was sharing my portion with Lihai okay! The meat was pretty hard, which explains why the waiter asked me when ordering if I wanted it cut. Of course, I didn't expect such a situation to happen, cos well, meat is not supposed to be hard right. Well, anyway, if you guys go down, I would suggest for you to get yours cut. It's wayyyyyy easier to consume it that way. I felt that my noodles and soup got cold faster than a normal bowl of ramen with the soup and noodles combined. I would suggest slurping down your food and not dilly dallying..unless you don't mind cold noodles.

If you are wondering how to go about eating basically just dip your noodles in the soup and nomxz. 

The service was not too bad, but at times it was hard to get their notice. It's a good place for decent ramen at reasonable prices. 

Since it's so near home, I definitely see myself going back there, especially when I'm famished! If you are greedy like me, or like a good bowl of ramen, you can head on over to..

Menya Musashi
2 Orchard Turn, #B3-25 Ion Orchard
Tel: 6509 9394
Opening Hours: 11.30am - 10pm

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