Thursday 6 September 2012

Mid-Week Musings

If you've got slightly more than a minute to spare...or plenty of time to kill..

That's Kaitlin attempting to self-feed! If you realise..there actually isn't any food in her spoon..but she continues to try and feed herself. So cute...macham playing masak masak! Reminds me of myself..when I was a little girl! Such a qtpie <3 12 more days till babygirl turns #thebigone :O 

We've been baking everyday..trying to get the perfect recipe and to practice baking Kaitlin's cake for her first birthday! That has resulted in me smelling like cake batter...and having cake every other day. Some of our baked goods also found their way to the bin..cos they were major fail :( Been busy searching for materials here and there as well. Kind of a mad rush..all for the sake of perfection! Oh well..if all fails..I might just throw the towel in perhaps a day before her birthday and just stick to the conventional partyware and decor that I can easily get off the shelves anywhere..and just order food delivery hurhur. She'll probably hate me for the rest of her life cos I ruined her first birthday :( well..I tried! Mommy ain't Martha Stewart you know!

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