Friday 12 October 2012

Friday Five - Halloween Costumes

It's beginning to look like Halloween with all the candy and decorations around the supermarkets and malls. Since we are three weeks away to Halloween, I thought it would be nice to have a Halloween themed Friday Five for the next few weeks :)

To start it off, here are my five favorite DIY Halloween costumes for babies/toddlers!

I dont't know about you, but I find it pretty difficult to find Halloween costumes for the small ones. Unless your kids are about 3 years and up, it can be quite tricky to find costumes that fit since not many people celebrate Halloween in Singapore. So what better than to DIY them yourself? Saves you some money + you get to personalize it according to what you want + great Halloween activity with the kids:D

If you are thinking of DIY-ing costumes, here are a couple of places you can check out to get your supplies:
- Artfriend
- Popular
- Spotlight
- Daiso
- Arab Street/Little India/Serangoon area
- Chinatown area
- Bras Basha area
- Textile Centre
- Sing Mui Heng
- Golden Dragon Store

If you're not that great with sewing/don't have time to spare, here are some places you can go to borrow/buy costumes for your kids or yourself:
- Toys "R" Us
- Spotlight
- Daiso
- Party City
- Party With Us
- Magic Wand
- Lips Enterprise
- Gifts Greetings (Great World City outlet)
- Large supermarkets
- Etsy
- Happy Costumes
- Costumes 'N' Parties
- No.1 Costume Costume
My Costume City
- Housz of Costumez

For more costume ideas, head on over to my Pinterest (@beaverwoo). Meanwhile, if you've made any DIY costumes or are intending to, please do share your tutorials :) Or if you've seen any other great DIY costumes online or know of any shops/places to add to the list of DIY and costume shops please comment below! Would love to hear about them.

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