Sunday 14 October 2012

Garage Sale

We finally had our garage sale today!

Spent the most of Saturday digging out everything and displaying them. It was of course very tiring plus we had to take care of the little one. Thankfully, there was Lihai so I could take care of Kaitlin. 

Kaitlin's usual play area got transformed into our "garage". Kinda felt bad that she didn't get to play at here usual spot :( Our garage sale was from 11am - 6pm but even before 11am we had people coming in already. It rained mid afternoon and after the rain no one came :( half of our flyers that were stuck on lamp posts dropped so I suppose that's probably half of the reason. Overall, we sold quite a fair bit so that was good.

We were supposed to have the garage sale back in June. I even did up the flyer already but we were just too lazy, and I shall admit that I was not ready. 

It's tough you know. To sell away your memories and items that were close/had meaning to your loved one. I'm lucky to have Lihai who understands that I just needed time and space. So time passed, and I guess everyone was just waiting and expecting me to get to doing this garage sale. I didn't want to disappoint, and I felt that Kaitlin really needs more space. It's just time for me to learn to be practical about such situations, and to just tell myself to stop holding on to the past. It's not simple, it's emotionally and mentally draining and it hurts a little, but what's got to be has got to be done, whether or not I'm fully ready.

I've got to admit that while I helped initially, midway, I just decided to look after baby and hide in the rooms. Very grateful to have Daddy Li to help me out with the garage sales cos it was just too much for me. I was really tired from lack of sleep, and it was just too much in a day. 

Even at the age of 21 - an adult already, it's not easy to let go. Most people around me are probably thinking "let go what?" They are just junk and useless items/you don't even use them anyway/it's taking up space. Well you are all right, that's for sure, but some of the items have a significance in my life and of course everything that was being sold has much much more significance to the one that bought and owned the items. That person happens to be someone very important in my life. That person happens to be my late father.  

At this point, even though things have been sold and the garage sale has been over for at least a few hours..I would really just snap at anyone who tries to tell me off for being silly and thinking that way. Let's hope after tonight's sleep..I would really be able to 'let go'. 

I'm chanting in my head as I type this..that "what needs to be done has to be done" + "the things are gone, but the memories stay" + "it's time to move on" + "you've got to do it (move on), it's the only way whether you like it or not" (something my dad would definitely sternly and firmly say whenever I'm wallowing) + "only when you let go, you can move on, and be a happier person" + "just move forward" + "stop wasting tome, move forward and get over it, there's still ten billion things you've got to do and problems to face" 

It's certainly be a draining weekend D: Tomorrow is Monday, but I can say for sure that the Monday mood has already set in for me since about 12 hours ago. I think I need me some retail therapy + sweet treats :( I'm looking forward to the new week to start cos our third year anniversary is on Thursday :)

Enough emotional vomit! I hope you all have a great start to the week. We are already into the middle of October and I can't wait for Halloween to come cos after that, it means Christmas is super near :))

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