Wednesday 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

I know I'm supposed to continue posting about our third year anniversary, but since it's Halloween, I decided that I would put that on hold first and blog about how we celebrated Halloween on Saturday!

It's our first time celebrating Halloween as a family, and in fact, I didn't really bother about Halloween in the previous years until this year! Of course, with Kaitlin in our lives now everything is different. We skipped last year's celebration cos we just welcomed baby girl into our lives and were in the midst of well basically going insane and trying to find our momentum with the new one.

When Halloween comes around, it used to be thoughts of watching scary movies, going to scary theme parks (never got to doing that cos I'm really scared:( but I would definitely want to go one day), dressing up and going to parties. Now, with Kaitlin, all those thoughts have got to be toned down, but I'm sort of fine with that cos I'm not into all that scary stuff anyway.

First thing on our Halloween list was Kaitlin's costume! We had not finalised what our plans were, but Lihai and I decided that even if we didn't had plans we would still get her a costume anyway. Afterall, she is only a baby/toddler once, and only ever going to have what's left of her chubby fats on her, so that means she won't have that chubby cuteness in the years to come. I saw many super adorable costumes online, except, yes except they are not available in Singapore. I don't understand why any kids apparel or toy store would not want to stock up on these costumes and make lots of money during the Halloween season, cos I would definitely buy them! I understand that Halloween isn't much celebrated in Singapore, but I still think there would be people buying them and I wouldn't just buy costumes for Halloween..I would buy them if I had a themed birthday party or even for a fun photoshoot.

Enough ranting! Back to the point. I wanted to DIY Kaitlin's costume, buy Daddy Li wasn't so into it and we had previously seen costumes at Toys"R"Us so we decided to just get it from the store. Next problem was deciding between the pumpkin or the spider..and we chose...


If you are wondering why is she not wearing the hat, it's cos she refused. She hates anything placed on her head. You would think WHY?! and honestly I don't know the answer to that as well. Maybe she is not the kind who likes to dress up? Or maybe she feels that she doesn't want her hair to be messed up.

The pictures below were taken when we first got her into the costume after her evening bathe.

Thankfully she did not fuss or anything, but even if she did, I mentally prepared myself for it. 

She was such a QTpie, walking around everywhere and moving her hands up and down, like a real spider. Too bad I didn't manage to video it down :( Tried many times to get her to wear her spider hat, but she really didn't want to so we didn't force her. 

Our Halloween activity was to go Trick-or-Treating around the estate. This year, the neighbours around the estate planned and arrange for households who were interested to join in. 

We decided to not join any party/event/activities where we had to pay cos we felt that Kaitlin was still too tiny to enjoy any of those and it would be quite a waste of money. Plus, those activities were till quite late and would end near or past the start of her bed time routine.

So off we went round the estate to collect candy!

It was cute seeing all the little kids walking around and getting so excited over Halloween and all the candy. Kaitlin was the youngest "trick-or-treater" and if I'm not wrong, the only Asian kid going round but it was still fun! It was really nice to see how the households that particpated were so into Halloween. They were so over the top with the decorations. I really do hope to see more of the households around the area getting into the Halloween mood next year then it would be really fun! Also, everyone was so friendly and helpful and telling us where to go to get more candy etc etc.

We walked around for almost an hour cos well, Kaitlin really did walk and she has tiny feet. Of course we didn't let her walk to all the households but a little here and there and here's her returning from all that candy collecting:

She initially didn't want to hold her pumpkin bag which she used to collect candy and was also apprehensive to grab the candy when the neighbours placed a big bowl of candy right in front of her for her to grab but I guess that's cos she is a baby a tiny one still and probably didn't know what was happening..but when we got home and the bag was filled with all the candy..she wanted it all!

This is proof that kids are so smart aren't they! Act cute and innocent so that she gets more candy..wait for the candy to be collected and then attackkkkkkk when no one's looking! I also think it's cos Kaitlin can smell the candy that's why she's so drawn to it.

It's been since Saturday and every night we bring the candy bag out during our bedtime routine and it entertains her. Every night she gets and more and more drawn to it. For example, the first night she just plays with the candy, and drags the bag along. The next night she picks up the bag and carries it though a little heavy (and walks around) and starts peering into the bag.

The night after, she lifts up the bag and puts her head deeper and looks at it at different angles. It's just so cute to watch how she moves from one stage to another with her exploration.

Of course, no candy for her! Just for her to smell and touch. I actually think it's a great way for her to learn different textures, explore sounds like the crinkling of plastic and shaking a box of candy and practice her fine motor skills. She also learns how to share with Mommy and Daddy when she passes us candy, and practices putting the candy back to where it belongs after taking them all out.  Best of all...this cost us nothing and we even get to enjoy the candy at the end of the day!

We really enjoyed our Halloween and definitely looking forward to next year's :D Sorry for the lengthy post but if you got to this part, thanks for reading through all the words..and I leave you with a picture of Kaitlin wearing her spider hat (yes finally! It lasted on her head for a grand total of about 20 seconds!)

Hope you had/are having a great Halloween celebration with your family and friends :)

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