Monday 22 October 2012

Kaitlin is 13 Months old!

Babygirl is now 13 months old! She officially turned a month older last Wednesday.

on Kaitlin: Dress from Carter's | Hair clip from Lollipop

Love the bright and cheery neon dress on Kaitlin!

Thus far, 

Kaitlin has been very active.
She pretty much walks around the house and roams wherever she wants, but of course we keep a close eye of course.
She likes to go into the kitchen and always goes to a particular corner to hide
She knows where to find me. If she is playing outside and I'm not with her, she will automatically walk to my room to find me.
She's been going to playground quite often and she knows how to climb up and down and slide as well.
She's teething again. This time it's a double threat. One on top and one below coming out at the same time. Feeling a little scared for myself.
She is quite a biter. What do I mean? Well, simple. She bites when she's breastfeeding. Not all the time, but the bites do hurt each time.
On good nights, she wakes up about twice. On bad nights, it's at least more than 5 times a night.
I've been quite relaxed about her eating now. Not so psycho about it. When we eat out, we would sometimes give her what we are eating. Of course minus the oily skin and all. 
She's started on pork as well. Pork ribs and minced pork. 
She likes porridge and bread.
It's hard to feed her, but most of the time once we get through the first bite and she knows it's yummy she'll let us feed her. Still a small eater though
She babbles "bababa" and "dadada" more than "mamama". I console myself that I've experience the moment where everything was "mamama" and that she said "ma" before "pa/ba/da"
Been teaching her how to fly kiss. She sort of knows how to do it sometimes.
She likes to prod my belly button.
Loves to laze on me
Throws her head back everywhere without thinking or looking. On me, on the sofa etc. Once, she threw her head back onto my laptop. There was a thud but she didn't cry. IRON BABY!
She hits her head quite often but I think she's used to it. No cries. Even if there are cries, they are usually gone when we pick her up.
Knows how to stand up on her own. What I mean is that if she is sitting down, she knows how to get herself up.
Knows how to point.
She knows how to refuse and definitely knows how to make her point with a strong "no". She does this with her hand sticking out like "hey! STOP. no" kinda thing and a loud "mp". Gotta imagine it in your head. Don't have a picture of this but I shall attempt to take it. It's quite funny. She knows how to shake her head as well to signify "no".
Sometimes she imitates us.
She knows how to kiss, but doesn't do this often. She kisses her soft toys more than us. Usually when we give her her soft toy, she will put them close to her nose/mouth and go "vhhh" then she proceeds to just throw them aside and continues whatever else she is doing. Idk if this is considered as her showing affection.
At times, she will take a pen/marker and attempt to scribble.
There are occasions where she will take tissue from the tissue box and wipe the table. I think is more of an exploration play to her, but I think a great first start to perhaps helping out around the house in future. 
Likes to delay going to bed. 
When we tell her to share or give us the object she is holding, she understands and passes it to us. 
She loves to take our iphone/ipod touch/ipad and play. Somehow she knows how to end up going into the camera function. Guess somebody wants to camwhore.
She likes to press buttons. Buttons on our electronics, buttons on big toys.
She likes to tip toe and likes climbing on top of objects (sturdy or not!) to lift herself up higher.
She can climb up onto our sofa and attempts to climb onto the coffee table as well

That about sums up what she's recently learned and been doing! We just went for a trial class last week, and are planning to go for a few more soon. Just last week, she attended the Julia Gabriel trial class, but this time with Daddy Li. Great job and thumbs and toes up to babygirl and Daddy. Both did excellent! Kaitlin was well behaved and got the chance to bond with her daddy. Daddy did a good job looking after her as well. So happy that the two of them got to bond and have fun. Now he knows how tiring classes can be and how tiring it can be to chase her around the house and entertain her everyday! We'll be going to another trial this weekend, and see how things go. Hope to be signing her up for a class (accompanied by us) soon so that she can socialise and get used to a school environment. Hopefully she can make a smooth transition to going to a toddler programme at a preschool by the time she is 18 months old. We'll see I guess. One thing at a time.

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