Wednesday 17 October 2012

Kaitlin's 1st Birthday - actual day! [Part One]

I know this post is very very delayed. Oh my. Feel like a horrible mommy blogging this so late, but well today happens to be one month after Kaitlin's first birthday so I thought it would be good to post how we spent the actual day of her birthday today!

We basically woke up and spent time nuah-ing in bed with Kaitlin and wishing her Happy Birthday and giving her lots of hugs and kisses. It was obviously pre-noted in our heads that if Kaitlin misbehaved that we would give in to her and just let her be since it's her special day and it only comes once a year. Yes, for once a year babygirl, you can get the sky and the ocean :)

We started the day by doing the usuals, feeding her her breakfast and showering her.

Mandatory shot of birthday princess with her birthday hat on her birthday :) Just so you know, Kaitlin does not like things on her head and she would usually try to get them off and get irritated. Thankfully, for the first few moments that the party hat was on, she didn't fuss and I managed to snap this picture :D

After that, we brought her out to Macdonald's with us so that we could have our brekkie. I thought I did not bring my phone out (which I actually did!) so we didn't take any pics :( No worries, I made up for the lack of photos later that day. Took like at least 175 photos on my camera after that. 

Got back home and played with Kaitlin's new presents!

Didn't manage to take a picture of her with her personal slide from Godpa cos it was a little difficult to take a picture and hold her hand while playing with the slide. Was afraid she might trip/slip/fall since it was a new toy and she hadn't "mastered and conquered" it yet. Better to be safe..but not to worry Godpa Ronald! Kaitlin enjoys her personal slide very much and now she knows how to go up on her own, though she gets abit timid at times.

We decided to do the "Zhua Zhou". This was initially planned to be done at her party, but it didn't happen in the end cos babygirl was too frightened that day, and when she was not, she was just sitting down and not moving. 

All the items laid out and ready for Kaitlin to pick! Watch the video below to find out what she picked! I'm sorry the video is quite long and that I was very chapalang. Please ignore it! :( I was at home and lazy to change into something more presentable hurhur.

I have no idea why the quality is so bad when it's like perfectly fine on my camera and laptop -.- Anyway, in case you were wondering what they item were and their symbolism:

Chicken: Always have food on the table, won't go hungry, prosperous
Credit Card: Rich, wealthy
Beret: Army/military, may become a soldier, policeman, navy
Exercise Book: Studious, may become a professor, scholar
Calculator: Financial, may become a banker, broker, financial officer
Ruler: May become an architect, product designer
Stamp Pad: Has authority, may become a judge
Spatula: Culinary, may become a chef, baker,
Bracelet: Fashion, may become a fashion designer, visual merchandiser, stylist
Medic thing: Medical, may become a doctor, nurse, vet, surgeon
Orange: Agricultural, may become a farmer, horticulture
Paintbrush: Artistic, may become an artist, designer, dancer
Garlic: Suan which translates to count, any careers involving good accounting and calculating
Spring Onion: Chong Ming which translates to smart, any careers which requires alot of intellect

So I guess..Kaitlin will be a wealthy chef who knows how to grow her own crops and can save lives at the same time. I guess she will be wealthy because she will be good at calculating and knows how to make lots and lots of money. I wonder how true this will be in 20 years time!

Next up, was to let Kaitlin smash her cake! Same thing, Kaitlin was supposed to smash it at her party, but it failed so we attempted to let her do it on her actual day!

Daddy Li and I baked the 4-layer vanilla cake with no-sugar whipped cream frosting for baby girl from scratch. We also did the bunting ourselves! Initially wanted to bake her a healthy cake with no sugar and all, but all my attempts failed. We ended up baking and eating so many cakes the whole month before her birthday just for this one cake..which she didn't voluntarily smash! :( Quite sad cos I was looking forward to her having fun and smashing the cake and even eating it. Wanted to capture all those precious moments. I guess we will have to wait for her second birthday, but first I will have to convince Lihai to go through all the trouble to bake with me again. He was like "Please don't do all this party things anymore next time" :( I'm still glad he went along with me on it even though it's not his thing :D <3 thank you i love you very much!

Sorry I sidetracked! Back to the smash cake!

Judging from the pictures, I guess I can safely say that the babygirl is just like her mommy! Don't want to get her clothes and herself dirty! Or, maybe she just does not like cake. I guess we'll have to see about that!

Even though babygirl didn't seem to get very dirty from all the cake smashing, it was still a mess. She was all oily so we got the cranky girl all cleaned up and ready for her nap.

This post is getting quite lengthy, so I shall continue about her actual day birthday fun in my next post. Look out for it yeah and I'll also do a post about her milestones thus far. 

Meanwhile, Happy 13 Months my babygirl! You are a big girl now, growing up real fast. Soon, you'll be starting school and mommy realised that it might not just be you with the separation anxiety issues. It recently occurred to mommy, or well more specifically, it dawned on me yesterday that I can't bear to leave you. Well, it won't be that bad for maybe the first hour or two, but I don't think I can go beyond that. I most definitely will not be able to part with you if you give me your sad and stoned face :( perhaps only on occasions when you are chirpy and happy or being real difficult would I then be able to say bye bye to you at the door. We'll see how it goes. For now, you've sure got mommy stuck on to you. Love you my dearest Kaitlin. <3

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