Wednesday 10 October 2012

Mid-Week Musings

In my previous Mid-Week Musings I mentioned that Kaitlin is walking already. Well..Kaitlin has now been using walking as one of her main ways of getting around. Be it in the house..or as you can see in the video below...

She's walking at the playground!:D:D There is really so much difference. Just last week, she couldwalk, but she pretty much still crawled around or cruised to get around the house or at the playground. Now, she's roaming!! Also, we would usually initiate to get her to walk on her own, but now she does it on her own and you can see from the look on her face how happy she is. She probably is thinking "Wow! I can do this!" She hasn't really got around to walking on her own on the stairs, but when she does I'll be sure to post it up! Oh and I forget to mention, she knows how to u-turn now! It's super adorable. Like she walks in one direction, then she turns back and walks back to where she came from.

So proud of my little girl! Other mommies at the playground also commented that Kaitlin is so small but walking already and how just last week she was not walking in the playground, but now she is #proudmommymoment

Oh yes, in case you were wondering what playground we are at in the's the playground at Forum. We've been going there quite often as it's nearby. Only thing about it is that it's not open throughout the day, and at times there can be too many kids and it gets quite rowdy. You've to sign up to be a Hip Kids Club member to enter and it's $15 for the membership/year so I think that's pretty worth it. If you are interested, you can head on over to the info counter to sign up and the playground is just next to the info counter on the second floor :)

Have a good week! We're nearing the weekends, so hang in there xx

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