Wednesday 24 October 2012

Mid-Week Musings

For this week's Mid-Week Musings, I'm gonna share what Kaitlin has been up to. If you've been following me on Instagram (@beaverwoo) you would probably have seen most of the pictures..

This was taken last week at the MRT while waiting for the lift to come. We were going to NUH to see the Orthopedic. It looks more like Kaitlin is going for tuition class, and obviously Godma Enna though the same too! Great minds think alike :) 

This photo and the next few were taken at the playground at ToTT when I was meeting Kaitlin's Godpa Ronald and Godma Kar Yan for lunch on Monday. The staff allowed me to bring Kaitlin into the playground despite them closing off the dining area in front of the playground. She got so excited when she saw the playground and started kicking her legs before I could even put her down.

Obviously one of the first things she attacked was the slide! Even though she has a personal slide from Godpa, she still loves to play with slides. She's funny cos she likes to climb up the slides and she can even do it herself sometimes..but mainly on those wooden slides cos the plastic ones tend to be abit slippery.

Who knows? Maybe Kaitlin will like one day win the Policewoman of the Year award (do they even have such things?!) and I can show her this picture that from a young age of 13 months she already knew what she wanted to do! How cool right. Though..I'm not so keen on her risking her life and all. If she wants to do it, there's no stopping her so we'll see I guess.

Looking all fierce and probably wondering when Godpa and Godma are going to arrive for lunch and when mommy will stop taking pictures already!

The video below was taken this morning.

Kaitlin actually knew how to move the beads from when she was 11 months old, but I realised I didn't capture any pictures or videos of her playing with it so here it is.

Hang in there if the week's been tough! Seeing that Friday's a public holiday we are really near to the weekends already :)

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