Monday 29 October 2012

Third Year Anniversary - Part One!

Lihai and I celebrated our third year anniversary last last week :D It's been three years, and it's hard to believe that we've come this far together. I can't believe how time flies, and how much I love this man and how much he loves me back..despite all our flaws, all our fights, and how we used to be worlds apart.

Please ignore my face. I know I look really bad, but I was happy at that moment so it doesn't matter luh. No one is perfect okay :(

Well, anyway! Lihai came back on the morning of our anniversary as he had to do duty the night before. We were supposed to go to Sentosa and bring the babygirl along, but we didn't in the end cos we were afraid that it might rain and of all the logistics like what if the babygirl wants to sleep etc etc.

Ended up bringing Lihai for an impromptu brunch at Skyve.

Lihai ordered the Skyver's Breakfast from their breakfast menu, while I ordered from their lunch menu.

Their breakfast and lunch options were quite limited and there was not much variety, but with that said, Lihai said it was good cos he wouldn't have a hard time choosing what to eat. I guess pros and cons. I personally would have preferred a larger variety. 

We were lucky that we got to Skyve before it started pouring heavily, and just nice, it was time for Kaitlin to nap. Daddy Li did a good job and managed to get her to nap. *Two thumbs and toes up!*

Overall, service was good, and I super love everything about their interior and their concept. Food was not great as well. I know it sounds abit weird, but I really liked the bread roll they gave me. I love eating bread while waiting for my food to come cos it just makes time pass faster and you don't feel like it's taking forever for your food to come! Don't you agree? Plus, if you are really famished, at least you get to munch on something. 

Anyway! I don't know what bread it was but it was just really yummy..and then came my appetizer! I opted for the two-course set lunch cos their dessert of the day was a swiss roll. Nothing fancy about that so I skipped the three-course meal. 

Back to my starters, I love salmon, and as for Lihai, he only eats salmon sashimi. Like he doesn't really like salmon cooked or prepared any other way, even if it's smoked salmon. Well, he liked the gravlax served at Skyve, so I guess that means it's worth a try for those picky fish eaters out there. The egg was pure goodness. You've to try it! 

The panko crusted pork chop came in a decent portion. I was glad it was not anything bigger, as I found it a tad greasy. The brussel sprouts were a little undercooked, and I was a little disappointed cos I love brussel sprouts. One of my favourite veggies! I liked the vegetable puree though! I can't recall if it was pumpkin, sweet potato or carrot, but it was so smooth and yummy. Felt like a baby eating it, cos it was such a smooth puree. The dish was nice, but not something I would order again on my next visit. 

Lihai's breakfast was super yummy, and I would definitely order it if nothing else on their menu entices me. Everything was cooked to perfection. Their mushrooms were a little different from other places as they had a variety of mushrooms instead of the normal button or brown mushrooms, and I liked that it was different.

After we finished our food, Lihai kept asking me if I wanted to order dessert, and I was like chill man..we just finished..slowly..and telling him that they don't have any dessert menu. Then...the waitress came with this! Hehe! 

Arranged with the waitress to see if something special could be done for dessert while Lihai was getting the babygirl to sleep. So glad they managed to put something together for our special day even though they didn't exactly have a dessert menu for lunch and it was last minute. Compliments from the chef as well, but it was so good I wouldn't mind paying for it! I don't know what's the exact name of this, but it was basically like a chocolate cake with nuts in between and marshmallows and berries on top. 

Luckily, babygirl slept through most of our brunch and we got to enjoy some 'us' time. She woke up when we were almost done with our desserts so that was good timing :) 

That's basically how we spent the morning/afternoon of our Anniversary! Will continue the rest in another post and if your interested to try Skyve out, here are the details:

Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar
Add: 10 Winstedt Road Block E #01-17
Tel: 6681 6695
Opening Hours: Mon - Sun 10am - 12mn

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