Monday 26 November 2012

Before the year ends..

Okay, so don't we all set resolutions at the start of the year? How many of us have fulfilled them or are even halfway through the list? Or..are you like me, and have forgotten what goals you have written down? Like literally, I can't recall a single one except maybe there was one to spend less and go on a holiday or something like that. Well, obviously not going to happen!

It's okay. Just to make sure that 2012 has not been a wasted year, I have decided to come out with some   goals that I shall get around to doing these last few months before the year ends. It wouldn't hurt to try, so why not!

1. View finish my long list of potential pre-schools & get Kaitlin enrolled.
2. Plan and start on sensory learning activities for Kaitlin
3. Spring clean the entire house. No, I'm not being kiasu and getting ready for CNY. My house just seriously needs to be tidied and organized.
4. Start exercising again (even if it's once a week, better than none!)
5. Get started on something I've been planning for quite a while. (*note to self: stop hesitating!)

Yes, only 5 resolutions even though to be frank I can think up a whole long list, but seriously I wouldn't even be able to get through half of them so no point. Plus, instead of always having a long list, why not start with a small one, it would be easier to accomplish :)

Have a great start to the week guys and btw, we are only less than a month away to X'MAS :D:D

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