Friday 9 November 2012

Friday Five - Baby Shoes

Have been on the lookout for cute shoes for babygirl cos she is going to be outgrowing her Hello Kitty Vans and Bobux one real soon. It's really difficult to find pretty shoes that are comfy and suited for our tiny one's little feet so here are my favourites that I've found so far:

via Roobez

Yes, I prefer the shoes that I buy for Kaitlin to be in easy matching colours cos she has a tonne of clothes and they are all different colours so a neutral colour like white would be great, but they get dirty easily so got to take proper care of them. Of course pink is a must, plus half her clothes are pink anyway! If you're interested in getting the shoes above, they are all still currently available on their online shops and Ralph Lauren and Carter's are having a sale!!

Might be heading down to the baby fair at Expo this weekend to look-see and get Kaitlin a pair of shoes. Hopefully I would be able to restrain my purchases to just shoes and maybe educational materials and not end up buying clothes and toys!

Oh yes, if you are wondering what are some good shoe brands for kids (I've known of some and also did some research) besides the above brands mentioned, here's a list:
1. Bobux
2. Stride Rite
3. See Kai Run
4. Pediped
5. Pitter Patter
7. Livie and Luca
6. Vans
8. Toms
9. Keds
10. Umi
11. Jemos
12. Pedoodles
13. Converse
14. Superga

If you know of any good brand that's not been mentioned, please share! Afterall, a girl can never have enough shoes :)