Friday 30 November 2012

Friday Five: DIY Christmas Ornaments

It's been a pretty busy and crazy week, so I'm sorry for the lack of posts. But, as promised I shall continue with the Friday Five Christmas Series :)

We've set up our Christmas Tree except for a few final touches which I hope will make our tree more special and meaningful to us. I'll snap a picture and show you guys the tree when it's all done. Meanwhile, I'm sure many of you would have been thronging shops buying Christmas ornaments and perhaps couldn't find something to make your tree unique or maybe you've already set up your trees, but it's lacking that something about DIY-ing your ornaments?

It's a fun activity to do with kids (it could even be an advent activity), and no one else would have an identical ornament as you :D Plus, DIY-ing means spending less money on ornaments which have been crazily priced other than at Daiso. Here are five DIY Ornaments you could make together with your family and involve no or minimal sewing (great for ppl like me who can't sew for nuts!):

I love how some of these are so simple to do and yet they turn out so pretty at the same time! Sometimes less is more don't you think so? Plus, I love how you can recycle some items like bottle caps or even use your old ornaments to make new ones. So environmentally friendly and good for the pocket! 

If you want to check out more DIY Christmas Ornaments, you can check out my Christmas board on Pinterest. Don't forget to follow me for more Christmas pins :) Have a great time welcoming the start of December and all things fun, festive and merry over the weekend xx

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