Saturday 17 November 2012

Kaitlin is 14 Months old!

Babygirl has officially turned another month older! Yes, getting older and bigger, but she will always be my babygirl <3

This month's photos don't look similar to the ones in the past few months cos I only managed to snap photos of Kaitlin in the evening when we got back home, and it was pouring like mad so no beautiful natural sunlight :( A little sad about it but no choice cos we had to rush out this morning, and I only managed to take a few, which weren't good at all. 

Plus, this active one keeps moving around, it's really hard to get her to sit I don't know how long more I can continue taking pictures of her every month to show how much she has grown.

In the past one month, there hasn't been much changes to how we've been looking after Kaitlin and managing day to day. Only difference is this girl refuses to sleep as much as before and is becoming more active. It's only natural but she still sleeps less the the recommended hours, so I'm still trying my best to work around that. Afterall, sleep is supposed to be good for her, and it definitely gives me some time to take a breather. I've also opened up a little more to the kind of things I feed her. I try not to be so anal about everything having to be organic, and no-salt/no-sugar or prepared at home. I do give her bits of what we are eating, which I feel is safe. For example, we gave her some of our chawamushi and cheesecake today. Just a little and she really liked both alot, esp the cheesecake. She would eat it from out mouths too!

More about how Kaitlin has been developing..

She definitely understands me when I use the "last warning" tone in my voice. For example, during meal times, when she refuses to sit still and kicks a fuss, I will go "Kaitlinnnnnnnn.....sit downnn..and eat your food" and then she will sit and be good (for a few seconds). So that's good, cos she knows and understands me, and can sense my feelings. 

She can walk unaided pretty well now and loves to go walking around and exploring when we are outdoors, though sometimes she might be a little reserved. However, in the past month, she is much more willing to explore beyond the four corners of of house.

Kaitlin is pretty good at her shape sorters toy. Of course we do aid her quite a bit, but I still think it's a good start.

This girl loves to lay her head down and laze. She will lay her head on my lap, the sofa, or anything else. She also loves to tilt her head backwards and look above. To her, it's like a game.

She loves to play peek-a-boo, but instead of "boo", she says "ba". Maybe she can't pronounce "boo" yet. She will hide behind objects (her toys like her walker) or furniture and start playing with us.

Kaitlin has recently found a new way of clapping her hands different from how she usually does it. It's a little hard to explain, so if I get the chance, I will video it to show you guys. Basically, instead of using both hands to clap, she will use one hand to tap/pat the other to form a clap.

Loves to pick her nose with her index finger, and also place it in her mouth. With that being said, yes, there are occasions where she picks her nose and then straightaway puts in in her mouth. GROSS, I know, but she's a kid and of course I do stop her and sanitize/wash her hands.

She likes to put her finger in her mouth to dig food out or use the end of the spoon to do that. 

Also, she takes forever to swallow her food, and would leave the food in her mouth for ages -.- Cheeky girl.

We recently brought her to the library and she loves it. Not so much for the books, but more because she has a big space to roam around and she loves playing catching and peek-a-boo with us using the shelves there. 

Babygirl is not a very kissy baby. When we want to kiss her, she sometimes turns her head aways or pushes it aside in Daddy's case. There are random occasions when she does lean forward to kiss us and it's such a joyous moment for us!!

Kaitlin can be such a sweetheart. She will share whatever she is holding with us. Sometimes, she even hands Daddy Li items into his palm, and closes it up, kind of like an affirmation like "Yes, I'm giving it to you, now keep it". She also loves to take money from my wallet and give to Daddy Li! 

She likes to feed us food and somewhat knows how to use a fork to poke the fruits and feed us. She will go "ahm" when she feeds us. Just like what we say when we feed her. She will also go "mam" though we aren't too sure if that's referring to food/milk/or me! Still trying to figure that out.

During mealtimes, she likes to pass me her plate and spoon, or will place it nicely on the table next to her, kind of like she is helping me to put it away.

She also likes to drink directly from the cup, without the aid of the spout or straw. She has had the experience of doing it herself. We mostly we hold it and help her control the water flow, as we are afraid she might pour too much out. She also loves to drink from whatever water bottle or cup we are using instead of her own. Guess she wants to try/do whatever we are doing. 

Her memory has expanded and remember things for a longer period of time. What I mean is, whatever happened the night before, she can remember it the next morning.

Kaitlin also understands us when we are praising her, and will clap along with us as well.

She has stated to take a liking to playing with toys that have wheels and ride them.

She knows when we are taking a picture on the self-shooting mode and will pose for it. 

That's about it! Okay, that was quite alot of things, some might not even be considered milestones, but are more of observations. Sorry if it got lenghty, but this are all for my memory's sake so that I can share it with Kaitlin when she is older.

Happy 14 Months Kaitlin! A few months more and you would be 1 1/2 years old. Even though there are days where you are so cranky and drive me insane, it's okay..just don't do it too often yes? It'll make our days more fun! In any case, you have been a great girl so far :) You definitely need to work on your sleep, eating and clingy-ness to mommy, but that's fine. Take your time. I don't want you to be traumatized or whatsoever just because your peers are doing a better job at that than you are. Your personality is definitely shining through slowly and slowly, and I can see what an active child you are going to be. More active than now, and I know I won't be able to keep up. Mommy hopes the rainy weather isn't going to make you sick again, so you got to be a good girl and eat your meals and sleep more so that you will be fit and strong ok! Mommy loves you <3

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