Wednesday 7 November 2012

Mid-Week Musings

Sharing two videos of babygirl for this week's mid-week musings!

Yes! Babygirl knows how to feed us. It's so adorbxz..only if getting her to eat more was as simple as teaching her how to feed us -.-

This video definitely proves that Kaitlin loves ponies :D Indeed my child! I was afraid she might start freaking out when the carousel started moving cos I've seen instances where some small kids get terrified. Yet, Kaitlin remained so calm and she didn't even seem to feel dizzy or anything..while I on the other hand..felt so dizzy and nauseous. What is this?! A sign that I'm growing old?? :'( Anyway! I think I'll definitely be using these carousel rides as a treat for her if she behaves.

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