Wednesday 21 November 2012

Mid-Week Musings

There was no "Mid-Week Musings" last week, but this week I'm back with more adorable moments with Kaitlin!

She's been flipping and turning and moving around our bed whilst asleep like nobody's business. Actually she has been doing this for the longest time since she first slept on our bed, but I didn't have sufficient proof of it till now! I don't understand how she can be slipping vertically and then end up horizontally in just a few moves. When we try to give her the bolster so that she has something to hug and feel secure..she won't keep still and I just find the way she hugs her bolster so adorbxz. When I cover her with the blankie, she is sure to move and kick it away, that's why I've resorted to just putting her in long sleeves and long pants to make sure she is warm.

Sometimes I wonder if she is even having a good sleep with all that moving around, but you know..whatever suits her I guess!

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