Thursday 1 November 2012

October [ in pictures ]

October was a fun month! Going to playgrounds, we had a garage sale to make more space for Kaitlin, going for a few trial classes. Lihai and I also celebrated our anniversary and we celebrated Halloween as a family for the first time! Definitely a month to remember :)

2 more months to go and we would be welcoming 2013! Personally not really crazy about November, I'm more excited for Dec to come so we can celebrate Christmas (I already started getting my xmas coffee fix the past two days!). Yet, I want time to slow down or come to a standstill. I'm not ready for 2013. It's too fast! I don't even think I've done any of my New Year's resolutions, and honestly I can't even remember what they were! #sofail It's okay, 2013 I shall make sure I have it plastered everywhere so I'll remember!

Hope everyone has a good start to November. I really hope there will be less rainy days in November, though I know that's quite impossible with the monsoon season and all, but there's no harm hoping! Oh and I'm dreading the fact that it's gonna be school holidays cos that means that more kids/students in town and I can't shop in empty malls and the playgrounds would be flooded :(

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