Monday 5 November 2012

Third Year Anniversary - Part 2

Back to blog about our third year anniversary! So well, on the day of our anniversary we had brunch at Skyve and on the way out, we spotted a showflat, so we went by to take a look. After that, we brought babygirl to Amazonia to play!

After all of that, we headed to Far East so that Lihai could get a haircut and I could get my hair washed for our dinner that night :) Got back home and chilled + changed and then we headed out for dinner which Daddy Li planned.

Dinner was at Etna located at the Duxton area. Dinner was gonna be sort of a huge task for us cos we were dining at a restaurant plus we had to make sure Kaitlin would not be cranky and then cause a sin there while we tried to enjoy our anniversary dinner.

Thankfully, with the super dad, plus some bread we managed to get through dinner without much fuss!

Yes, thanks to this awesome husband and father over here, I managed to enjoy my dinner a little more than usual. He took over my usual duties of caring for Kaitlin and entertaining her and was much more patient with her than usual. Good job Daddy Li, keep it up! You can do it :)

Mandatory pre-food pictures while waiting for our food to arrive. 

Back to the food! We ordered an appetize plus two mains to share. Luckily, we didn't order dessert, cos we were so full. Would have loved to try their desserts, but we decided to save that for another time. 

Dinner was delish! The reason why I even took a photo of that bread was because Kaitlin loved it. It was our lifesaver for that night. We don't usually give Kaitlin bread to eat, only small tiny amounts here and there when we are out and happen to order bao or like they give complimentary bread. However, ever since this dinner, we've been giving her bread every meal as an "appetizer" and to keep her happy and entertained so she will continue eating whatever's for breakfast/lunch/dinner. 

She kept wanting more and more of the bread, even more than her puffs which she really loves as well.

We ordered the Crab Meat Pasta in Lobster Cream Sauce and the white base Etna pizza. Both were absolutely delicious and I could find no fault in them at all, except maybe for a bigger portion. Not that the portion was not enough, it was really a just nice portion cos if it was any bigger, we would probably have had a food coma. I just wanted a bigger portion so that I could have it as takeway for my supper that night. I know I'm so greedy, but the food was really that good and I definitely recommend you guys to try it!!

The appetizer wasn't that great and the bread portion was really quite hard. Better to skip on this one. If you are planning to head down to Etna, do give the Pistachio Tiramisu a try and let me know how it is. I heard it's really good, and I'm definitely planning to go back to Etna to give it a try cos I absolutely love pistachio and tiramisu so I can only imagine how awesome it's gonna taste. 

Service was excellent. Much better than some other restaurants we've tried that pride themselves as fine dining restaurants and which are on the pricer side. The staff at Etna were meticulous and very polite. They also knew what they were talking about when explaining the menu, and were very friendly, approaching and ready to help. To date, out of all the restaurants I've been too, I can safely say that Etna is one of the few that don't compromise on their food, service and prices. 

I really do recommend you guys to give Etna a try. The prices are reasonable and you get to have decent Italian food with great service. It's the kind of experience which would put a smile across your face when you're leaving even if you've been having a really horrible day. If you are interested, here are the details:

Etna Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria
Add: 49/50 Duxton Road
Tel: 6220 5513
Opening Hours: Daily Noon-1430 | 1830-2300

I am really happy that Daddy Li brought me for dinner at Etna and was very impressed by his choice! At first, he said it would be casual and all and I wasn't that into it being a laid-back place cos it was our anniversary but I figured we might as well have dinner in a chill environment since we are bringing Kaitlin along. However, when we got to Etna, I didn't think of it that way at all. In fact, I felt as if he was bringing me on a date. That's just how good everything was and it made our anniversary that much more awesome than it already was :D

We took a short stroll after dinner and Daddy Li tried to surprise me with roses but I had already spotted him buying them with Kaitlin while I went over to the fruits shop. Haha so cute and so sweet <3

That's basically how we spent our Anniversary..on the actual day! Haha. Yes, we extended our anniversary celebration by a day and I shall blog about it soon cos it's getting quite late now. Goodnight guys xx

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