Tuesday 13 November 2012

Third Year Anniversary - Part 3

Hello! Finally back to continue about Part 3 of our Anniversary!

Started our day off with brekkie and a cupcake from The Marmalade Pantry. Super duper love their cupcakes ever since the first time I tried them. Love love love.
We headed out of the house after and it started pouring insanely and all of us including Kaitlin got wet. Well, Kaitlin didn't get that wet cos we were protecting her from the rain. But since her leggings were wet she got new pants for the day! Lucky girl right.

After settling everything and feeding Kaitlin, Daddy Li and I left for our appointment at Adeva Spa. Finally we got some 'me' time to relax together. This has not happened for a really really long time. So it was wonderful that we finally could have some time together to unwind. I actually bought the voucher for this like really long time ago, but we didn't get around to using it till that day. Like at least been 10 months or something since I bought it. If you are wondering what happened to Kaitlin, she was at the playground playing happily and then after that she took a nap.

I made sure that I booked us a slot so that it would be just nice that Kaitlin would be taking her nap and I wouldn't have to worry so much about her.

Before the massage, we were actually able to use Adeva's facilities like the sauna and jaccuzi, but cos we worried about Kaitlin, we only arrived 15 mins before our appointment time so we didn't get to do it. Instead, they assessed what we would like for our massage, for example the pressure and the type of oil used. I think this personalised service is great.

Pictures taken before we started our massage. Service was excellent and they were very caring. The masseuse were worried about me being cold cos my hair was all drenched so they covered me up and advised me to take a shower later on to rinse out the rain water. Also, the thing I love about it is that they were yakking and chatting away or like trying to promote you to buy a package or something whilst doing the massage. I would have been damn annoyed if they did. 

Another plus point is that the massage bed has a warming function. They didn't mention it but I could feel it warming me up and I thought that was great, esp since I was freezing cold from the rain. 

Overall, the massage was good but I didn't end up falling asleep. Personally, I assess if they are good also by the fact if it was relaxing enough for me to fall asleep. However, in this situation, I would not say that they were not good, but rather that I could not put my mind at ease cos I was worried about Kaitlin and thinking about her. Daddy Li fell asleep during the massage and even snored so I guess it the whole experience was not too bad. It was just me!

Massage ended and Daddy Li and split ways to go use their facilities. We made sure that Kaitlin was still asleep before proceeding on cos if she wasn't, we would have just left.

I went into the sauna for like a few minutes and left to shower. It just wasn't my thing. Took a hot shower and then went into the jacuzzi for awhile. Good thing was that I was the only one around so I got to use all the facilities without caring if anyone was there :D The jacuzzi got a little cold for me cos well I'm used to warm/hot water and Lihai knows that. I bathe in extremely warm water everytime and he thinks I'm insane. So anyway..I took another shower to warm myself up.

Even though Kaitlin was still asleep, we didn't use the facilities for that long cos we just didn't want to be away from her for too long. Before we left, Adeva Spa served us a complimentary warm chinese dessert each. I don't know what it was, but it had pears and some nuts in it. It was super awesome and I wanted more!!! Then of course, the staff asked us if we would like to purchase their package and we kindly declined since they were not being overly pushy about it. Honestly speaking, if it was not for the voucher, their regular prices would have been a little too pricey. Then again, with such great service, I wouldn't mind paying, but we really wouldn't be doing this on a regular basis with Kaitlin being a small girl still. Perhaps in the future when she grows older, and we can worry less about her and have more 'us' time we might. 

If you are on the lookout for a massage or facial for yourself or as a couple thing, you should definitely give Adeva Spa a try. Plus, one of their outlets is located at Paragon, so central and convenient you won't regret :)

Headed for lunch at Fish & Co. cos everywhere was crowded. We do not really like Fish & Co. or Manhattan Fish Market but since it was all the eateries were packed we didn't really have a choice :( Oh yes, we gave Kaitlin some fish and rice to try and she loved the fish! Probably cos of all the salt and all, but don't worry we gave her a tiny amount only. After lunch, we brought Kaitlin over to her trial class at Julia Gabriel.

This time, Daddy Li accompanied her so that he could have a better idea of the lesson and she was an absolutely well-behaved and cooperative girl. I sat right outside the classroom just in case she got cranky or was looking for me but throughout the lesson Daddy Li could manage her so super big thumbs up to Daddy Li and Kaitlin. 

Don't have much images of Kaitlin for this trial class since I didn't sit in but I managed to take pictures when they were playing at the playground! Kaitlin kept going to all the vehicles and trying to ride them and for this particular car that she was "driving" in, she didn't want to close the door! Daddy Li tried to close it and she pushed it open, and when the teachers closed it she pushed it open again. Being a bad ass I guess.

So that was basically how we ended off our Third Year Anniversary. Next year is the fourth, and oh my soon it will be the fifth. So fast right! Can't imagine Kaitlin being 3 years old by then!


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