Tuesday 4 December 2012

A girl can never have enough shoes

I've always wanted to head down to Seb's bistro to try out their food, and of course check out The Playhouse and I finally got the chance to on Saturday! Check out Kaitlin having fun at The Playhouse:

If you don't already know, Seb's bistro is a kids-friendly restaurant located at Rochester Park with a play area for kids. I'm always on the look out for such places, cos dining with a kid is never a breezy situation, so such kids-friendly establishments definitely makes my life easier.

She easily entertained herself with the wide array of toys, that even Daddy Li and I had the chance to take pictures together. In case you are wondering..yes, we hardly take pictures together cos we are usually occupied with looking after Kaitlin, but as you can see..no problems here!

This opportunity is all thanks to a media invitation to attend the showcase of pediped's fall/winter shoe collection. So thankful and glad to pediped and Kelvin and Daphne for this opportunity to attend such an event.

The showcase included a fashion show with adorable kids modeling the latest collection of pediped shoes, and I have to say they all looked so cute doing their walks even though it was their first time modeling! Amazing that they were such co-operative kids and so talented. I bet their parents must be so proud, cos I was feeling all sorts of "Aww..."!

(Pls pardon the poor quality of the photos! I was carrying Kaitlin in one arm, and trying to take pictures with the other hand, so it was a little tricky)

To be honest, I find pediped's shoes to be one of the pricier shoe brands in Singapore, but of course, it really is a case of paying for quality. So when it comes to what's good for Kaitlin's feet, I'm definitely willing to splurge abit more. Comfort and quality are two important factors that I always consider when choosing a pair of shoes for Kaitlin, cos those tiny baby feet are still growing and developing and  healthy foot development is important.

Plus, I like that they have 3 different kinds of footwear system, catered for different age groups and different needs. I think that's great cos it teaches the smaller ones how to walk and then helps them in transitioning to walking as part of a daily thing in life.

It was great that we had the chance to attend such an event, cos I've been on the look out for shoes for Kaitlin and I must admit it is becoming an obsession. Since my last post on my search for shoes for Kaitlin, I've bought her three new pairs, and the first pair was a pair of pediped's! Ever since then, I've been going online to check out for any special offers for pediped shoes, and have been eagerly waiting to see their new collection. Afterall, a girl can never have enough shoes right!


  1. Kaitlin is really adorable! Seb's bistro looks good. The play area is part of the restaurant? If it is, I shall aim to check it out soon!

    1. Hi! Haha when she is behaving well, she is adorable, but when she is naughty that's another case! Haha thanks for the compliment anyway:) Yes, seb's bistro is indeed great! yes the play area is part of the restaurant, but you can't bring food in into The Playhouse if I'm not wrong. The dining area is alfresco, while the play area is airconditioned. They've also got a nappy changing area so that's good for small kids still on diapers.

  2. So true about the shoes! My girl has so many pairs I cant even count! =)