Friday 14 December 2012

Friday Five - Christmas Wrapping

It has been an insanely busy week, and I'm so glad it's Friday. Well, kind of. I say kind of cos well time is ticking too fast, and it's almost X'mas and almost the end of the year. Noooooo...I still have so many things on my to-do list. Now is the time where I wish I have some super fancy device to stop time. Yes, I do know that it's near impossible for that to happen, but I can only hope.

Back to my point! Speaking of Friday, this week's Friday Five is all about wrapping those Christmas presents. If you still haven't started buying your presents..WHAT ARE YOU DOING? ARE YOU INSANE?! I say this only because well we all know how crowded town is gonna be with the days nearing to X'mas. Better start shopping for your presents especially since there are many great deals going all around the malls.

So well, if you are the kind who pays close attention to tiny details, and are most likely to be wrapping the presents yourself and enjoy personalising them here's are some easy-to-execute ideas I found over Pinterest:

Hope you like some of the ideas that I picked out, which can be useful for you not only during this festive season, but also for presents that you want to gift for birthdays/teachers' day/mother or fathers' day/any other day you feel like giving a present! All very easy to do in my opinion and don't cost much. Plus, it'll definitely be a statement present compared to the others! Also, if you are all about saving the trees and being eco-friendly, you can use fabric to wrap presents as well. Don't have to buy them..they can be scraps of pretty fabric from your stash.

All materials can be easily bought at stationery and art stores like Popular and Art Friend. You can head down to Bras Brasah and you should be able to easily find what you need. For fabrics, you can try Spotlight, Daiso, Textile Centre or the Arab street and Chinatown area.

Hope that helps you. If you've got a great DIY to share, just drop a comment below :) For more inspiration and other Christmas pins head on over to my Christmas Pinterest board. I'll be posting Christmas related pins all the way till Christmas Day :)


  1. Haha yeah I'm the insane one, oops, I need to go xmas shopping TODAY! Thanks for sharing the tips!

    1. Hi Summer! Haha it's never too late plus it's a weekday so the crowds won't be so bad! Hope the tips helped :) Have a great Christmas!