Friday 7 December 2012

Friday Five: DIY Christmas Gifts

Out of ideas on what to gift your friends and loved ones, or on a tight budget? Or do those christmas gift sets filling the shelves not make "the perfect present"? Why not consider DIY-ing a christmas gift instead?

There are like a billion possible presents you can D-I-Y, but here are my favourites:

For the mom/wife or the friend who loves to cook:

For the friend who loves to look good, feel good and smell good:

For the husband/father/ or that quirky/hipster/guy friend:

For a baby or the expecting friend:

For the kids or anyone who loves their lego:

Hope that gives you some ideas on what you can DIY! It doesn't have to big or perfect, I'm sure whoever receives it will appreciate the thought and love that was put into the present. For more ideas, head on over to my Christmas Pinterest Board! I'll be pinning more Christmas-related pins up till Christmas so remember to check back or you can follow me for easy updates :)

Less than 20 days to X'mas! Are you in the festive mood already? I definitely am :D:D

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