Tuesday 18 December 2012

Kaitlin is 15 Months Old!

Kaitlin turned 15 months old yesterday, and I'm getting pretty excited cos pretty soon she will be a year and a half and I think that's quite a milestone as well :D

I didn't get a chance to take pictures of her as I always usually do cos it was a mad insane day! Been rushing about everywhere from school visits -> doctor -> library -> home -> tapao food for a gathering at home -> gathering with ky and val

So I ended up taking photos this evening instead (cos our morning and afternoon was super packed as well D:) !

Baby girl has fallen ill again, no thanks to the chilly weather :( Hoping she gets well soon. My heart totally ached when she had trouble sleeping on Saturday night, we almost brought her to the hospital cos of her blocked nose.

The past month, Kaitlin has been so active and surprising us with all sorts of new skills!

She can lace string through beads.
She likes to play masak masak (imaginary cooking). She will take her spoon and pretend to mix something in a bowl/cup and tries to drink or eat it. 
She also attempted to charge Daddy Li's ipod on Saturday night.
Babygirl has also been babbling quite a bit more and her range of "words" has increased. Perhaps she may be uttering her first few words besides "ma" and "pa" soon!
She knows how to play with mega blocks (the bigger version of lego blocks, which is safer for kids her  age). She learned pretty fast and knows how to fit them together and pull them apart.

She is super in love with her baby doll toy which has somewhat became her security item
Babygirl has once again started to climb and stand on her high chair and pram. Super infuriating and I hoping this phase passes soon.
Kaitlin shares quite alot when at home, but at the playground she isn't very friendly and sharing..so I'm hoping when she starts school, things will get better.
She likes water play and looking at the rain.
Sometimes she would be pushing the pram when we are out.
She's growing so tall within a short period of time! Look at the pictures below:

Kaitlin also likes to fit things together, for example the bottle cap of a water bottle to the bottle
She also loves to drink from our plastic water bottles or any other cup as well.
She's gotten pretty good at lifting the cup and drinking so that's good progress
Kaitlin also loves climbing on the sofa and walking on the edge of it, which can be so dangerous sometimes.
She is also able to climb up from the floor to her pram and sit on her own
She's starting to be more confident when walking as well. Initially, when she first started to walk her arms would be raised up and out for balancing I suppose, but now, she can walk with her hands by her side.
She's been showing me all sorts of funny faces whenever I try to take a picture of her, as if she's posing for the camera..perhaps she is!

That's about it for the past month! Quite an achievement if you ask me. She is definitely getting more mischievous and is starting to have her own way of thinking. Hoping this phase passes by fast as well, cos sometimes it can get really crazyyyy..some call it the terrible twos..I try to convince myself it's not the case but sometimes it's quite hard to not feel that way, but I try to remind myself that it will get better and this is just part of her growing up process.

If you're facing similar issues, hang in there! We're all on the same boat and it will eventually get better. We just got to try to understand them and get them to try and understand us and help them through their thought process and communication. Easier said than done, and alot of patience is needed but remember! We survived 9 months of pregnancy with morning sickness, swollen ankles/hands,  crazy painful contractions and then labour..WE CAN DO THIS :)


  1. LOL the way she sit in the chair in the first few photos. sibeh dua pai sia. BUT SO CUTE HAHAHA

  2. Haha ikr! She probably thinks she is a big boss anyway! haha!