Sunday 2 December 2012

November [ in pictures ]

Wow! It's already the second day of December! See..I told you time flies. 

Nov was pretty much spent with happy smiles, yummy food, and silly antics from the little one as you can see below!

How was your Nov? Only one month left till the end of the year. Definitely hoping that the year ends off on a good note esp since the last few days haven't exactly been splendid. We'll see how it goes I guess! 

Dec is gonna be filled with lots of to-do's like finding babygirl's preschool, our hdb appointment, starting on some sensory learning activities for her at home, meeting and catching up with friends, and possibly starting on something new. It really is a case of so many things, too little time :( I don't even know if we'll be having an x'mas dinner cos it's just too much. Hate that feeling, but I'll just try to stay positive and go, go, go!

This is really random, but I read somewhere that "there's no right or wrong choice, it's what you make out of the decision". That's kind of right I guess..oh life, filled with so many what if's. Wished I was back to being a kid, and I didn't have to decide on anything and if anything goes wrong I wouldn't have to worry at all. December, please treat me well!

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