Sunday 30 December 2012

Ronald's 29th Birthday!

There was no Friday Five this week cos it was a pretty busy day for us. Part of it was because of the preparation for Ronald's Birthday!

It was also finally that we all got together since Val got back from Aussie. The first time we met up since she got back, KY was not around, and the second time we met, Ronald was not around so now finally it's a complete gathering! Did that make sense? I think you get what I mean.

Well, the plan was to have an indoor picnic cos we didn't want to be bait for mozzies in the evening + cos Kaitlin has her bedtime routine. So anyway, we obviously had picnic food :D

Our surprise plan + help from Rachel worked! Ronald totally got a fright when KY and Val surprised him! It was super funny to watch him jump, just like during the internship days. Lol, Ronald will always be Ronald!

Here are Ronald's presents (+ card and cakes) wrapped by KY! So pro cos one of her previous jobs required her to wrap presents! 

One more year before he turns the big 3-0! Haha can't wait to laugh about that, and hopefully by then, Kaitlin will be able to wish Godpa "Happy Birthday!"

It was definitely a wonderful night - yummy food + catching up with friends. Definitely a great way to end off 2013 :)

Happy Birthday (again!) Ronald aka Kaitlin's only Godpa! See it's written here for everyone to see, so don't need to doubt my words that you are indeed the only Godfather! Hope you liked your celebration and had fun :) Here's to many more years of friendship xx

P.S. My Macbook Pro decided to go wonky so it's at the service centre now and I don't have photoshop on the Mac Desktop (is that the correct name for it?!) so pardon me for the horrible and untidy photos and lack of posts + lack of online presence till I get it back! Sigh can't leave without my MBP :'( 

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