Saturday 26 January 2013

Daddy Li's Birthday [ Part One ]

Finally posting about Daddy Li's birthday! Sorry for the delay :x

We started the celebrations on Friday evening. I cooked him pasta and kinda left it at that. The next day, I surprised the boy by bringing him to Macdonald's! His favourite fast food joint, that he hardly eats cos I don't really like to eat fast food. I'm still breastfeeding Kaitlin so I try not to eat unhealthy foods if I can.

I know I probably seem cheapskate bringing him to Macdonald's, but thats what he wanted, so the boy shall get what he wants. Obviously I was gonna bring him to somewhere nice after but I'll leave that for the next post!

Plus yayy cos we got to eat Twister Fries, which is such a scam cos there's so little.

For our activity, I got us into a cab and told the cab driver to go to Mount Faber Safra. Daddy Li was all like "why are we going there?!" So happy cos my plan worked cos he totally couldn't guess what we were gonna do. Even when we got there, he was still wondering.

Well, our afternoon activity was to go bowling! So old school right? Like those kind of things that couples do when they are dating. Well, I thought it would be nice to reminisce the old days, plus it's an activity that allows us to entertain and look after Kaitlin at the same time. 

When you become a parent, you gotta make changes to your day's plan/activities, but that's alright for us :)

As you can see, Daddy Li is happy cos he won! In case you don't know, I suck at bowling. I hardly ever bowl. Well, I did get better after the first round!

Here's babygirl chilling and entertaining herself! She was such a sweetheart and didn't fuss much.

Babygirl took her afternoon nap in between, and we continued bowling. We ended up playing for around 2 hours! Oh yes! Something weird happened in between. This lady with her son suddenly came over and her son wanted to bowl. We were like okay he probably just wants to bowl one or two rounds so we were fine with that, and in the end the mother and son bowled until our game ended and we just watched -.-

We went to town after cos Daddy Li was supposed to cut his hair, but he didn't in the end, so I sent him home with the babygirl while I went to grab dinner! Went over to Newton Hawker Centre to get Chilli Crab (Daddy Li loves crab!), Fried Mantous, Grilled Chicken Wings and Stingray! Nom nom dinner was so spicy but so yummy :9

Lucky for us, Kaitlin was napping so we got to eat in peace for awhile. Note that it was awhile, but better than nothing! We headed out after dinner to grab some things and it was also part of my plan to surprise him with his cake when we got back home.

I bet Kaitlin thinks it's her birthday! Love her expression in the photo below! 

Got Daddy Li a Mao Shan Wang durian cake from Emicakes! I wanted to get him a durian cake from Goodwood Hotel but they didn't make it cos it's not the season. So my next best option was Emicakes. We were super full from dinner so we didn't eat it till the next day. I know it looks lame, but it tasted super nice and since Daddy Li loves durian and I wanted something different from the usual ice-cream cakes I always get him..we ended up with this:

Another year older, but still so cute this Daddy Li <3 

While Daddy Li was admiring his cake, I quickly brought Kaitlin with me to get the present we made for him. Kaitlin was on her way out with it when Daddy Li appeared cos he was wondering where we went so our surprise kinda failed. Well, he was really happy cos Kaitlin passed it to him when she saw him and was being all smiley and lovey so that was great! The moment was so priceless cos Daddy Li could totally feel babygirl's love!

See the proud daddy posing with his babygirl:

That's kind of how Daddy Li's birthday celebration went..but that's just part one! I'll be back with part two soon :)

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