Friday 4 January 2013

First Post of 2013!

It's 2013!! To be exact, it's already been four days since the new year. I'm really sorry for the lack of updates. It's really quite a hassle without my Macbook Pro. The other reason is also because I've been busy planning for Daddy Li's birthday which is this Sunday!!

Anyway, I'll be skipping Friday Five this week, and instead I'll be updating about what we did on NYE and NY:)

Babygirl refused to nap at her usual timing in the late morning, so we decided that she shall just join us for lunch, while risking the fact that she might end up cranky. We didn't know where to go so we made an impromptu decision to try out Monster Curry. 

Camwhoring while waiting for the food to arrive! She can be such character. Sometimes it just takes a few clicks to capture all her wacky moments and funny expressions, and sometimes it is like forever cos she will just be stoning. 

Our food arrived and thankfully we just ordered one to share cos it was rather massive. Like if we ordered a dish each, we would have had trouble finishing so this was just nice.

This was a mish mash of like pork, fish, prawns and pork slices. The curry tasted artificial to me. Like the kind that you get from the supermarket. Like I wouldn't mind it except for the fact that the place was suppose to specialise in curry, so I had expected something that tasted like it had been cooking for a few hours. However, I really do not know if it was like made from scratch or from the box/packet. 

Overall it was pretty yums, but not crazy amazeballs fantastic that you have to try. It's pretty oily so best to get a drink to wash off that oily feeling off your throat.

We basically went shopping the rest of the day. It poured quite badly in the afternoon and we got home by bus + walked home in the rain cos the taxi lines were insanely long and we tried to call for cab but it took like forever.

It had to rain all the way till night time so our plans were kind ruined. We had planned to have a light dinner then head out to buy supper to nomxz while waiting for midnight to come. We didn't head out in the end cos it would be such a hassle plus with Kaitlin around it's not very good to be heading out in the rain. Was so totally bummed out  :( we ended up staying home and playing with Kaitlin and sparklers.

I was being quite annoying cos I kept going to the window to check if the rain had stopped. Daddy Li would be like are you checking the rain again and I would be grinning. That's how bummed I was! In the end, the rain decided to stop when Kaitlin had fallen asleep -.- So annoying. I contemplated to go out and carry on with our plans. Of course I wasn't gonna leave Kaitlin at home. I had wanted to bring her out with us and let her sleep on my shoulder. Eventually I didn't. I couldn't bear to risk her sleep getting disturbed so we stayed in.

Ended up watching Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Yes. We are such laggards! That's what happens when you become parents and your kids get attached to you like super glue. We also ordered pizza delivery :D:D Yayy to Pizza Hut's drumlets and beef balls to save the night!

I guess our night didn't end off that bad. Plus, if I were out partying, I don't think I could've put my mind at ease with regards to babygirl.

Babygirl woke up really happy and active. Perhaps she knew it was New Year's Day and was excited as well.

We had light brekkie at home cos we had planned to go out for a brunch date. It kinda failed, so we ended up at Sugisawa. First time trying it and apparently they are well known for their affordable bentos.

Lunch wasn't too bad, but I don't think we would be returning other than for their bentos. We saw quite alot of Jap customers there, so I guess you could say it's pretty good, but didn't wow us that much. We sat outdoors and there were mozzies :( I would suggest making a reservation so that you could get a confirmed seat indoors as the place isn't that big.

Oh yes! Before our lunch, I popped by 7-eleven cos Daddy Li wanted a drink and I saw this: 

Couldn't resist! I just had to get it. Felt like such a kid eating it and I bet other ppl were judging. But whatever, I am a happy girl with my hello kitty lollipop ring. Though I must admit, it didn't taste that great so I didn't finish it but it was like a cheap thrill :D

After lunch, we walked over to Liang Court so that baby could get some aircon cos she was sweating like mad while napping and her fan happened to be out of battery. She ended up waking up when we had just reached. 

Thankfully she wasn't grumpy so that was great!

That's her having her lunch at Dulcet & Studio! We ordered something light called Pont Neuf to share just so that we could sit somewhere and feed Kaitlin her lunch and it turned out pretty nomxz! Can give it a try!

Headed to Toys R Us to get Kaitlin some sand building toys and then brought her to the playground to play. We also went to the newly opened Maison Kayser at Wheelock Place to chill for awhile.

We got a Quiche Lorraine to share cos we weren't that hungry. Don't recommend it as the pastry was really hard, and the quiche wasn't really yummy. I think even Starbucks sells better quiches. I guess just stick to the croissants if you visit Maison Kayser.

So that was how we spent our NYE and NY. Again, nothing fancy shmancy but it was nice to have each other's company. It's our fourth year spending it together. Time truly flies. I can't imagine we would be spending our fifth year together soon. Feel so old!!

Well, I certainly hope 2013 has started off well for all of you. Have a good weekend xx

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