Saturday 9 February 2013


Hey there! Everyone is probably having/just had their reunion dinner. We just tucked Kaitlin to sleep, so I'm finally getting some time to myself! Can you believe I didn't touch the laptop the entire day?!

We have really been very busy around here. Mostly spring cleaning and looking after Kaitlin while doing the everyday chores as well. What is the difference between spring cleaning and everyday chores? Well there is a difference! Spring cleaning is like cleaning all those things you don't usually clean every other day, and probably doing once in awhile. Our everyday chores include sweeping and mopping the floor, washing dishes, washing clothes etc. Yes, we do have a helper, but the past two days we've been on our own, so basically that means handling every single thing ourselves, and we are so so tired!! D:

Worst of all, we are not even done spring cleaning! The house is too huge with x927382673625643 amount of things. Well, I guess at least we tried so I guess the effort matters more. Plus, we will continue to clean the next few days and hopefully been done with it. More to declutter and organize so I guess that's one of our goals for 2013 that we are making progress in.

I'm sorry to my readers for not updating consistently. It's really been tiring, and to be honest, I've been quite lazy to blog even though I do have pockets of time where I'm glued to my laptop. But really, I would rather unwind and chill by watching my shows online. I promise to be back soon proper! Yes, I have not forgotten to blog about the rest of Daddy Li's birthday celebration, in fact, it's sort of drafted but not wait for it!

In any case, my family and I would like to wish all you readers a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! May your year be filled with great health and prosperity! Have a fantastic long weekend xx

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