Monday 18 February 2013

Kaitlin is 17 months old!

My babygirl is now 17 months old!! 17 months old on 17 Feb! :D One more month till she is one and a half years old. Time really does fly!:D I feel so happy that she's grown so much, but yet I've got to admit I really miss her when she's tiny. I also hate the fact that before I know it she is going be going off to primary school, having raging hormones and teenage angst, going off to uni and then getting married and having kids :'(

Motherhood is such a rollercoaster ride, but yet the immense joy it brings you at the end of the day is so rewarding. I feel like some preacher now. GO HAVE BABIES! 

Okay, anyway more about Kaitlin..well, basically babygirl has more or less been pretty the same as the previous month, but here's what we observed:

Babygirl has been babbling slightly more but no real words yet. A little worried, but let's hope that nothing's wrong.
She's more naughty for sure. For example, when we call her or tell her to stop doing something she will sometimes purposely choose to ignore. I'm pretty sure she understands, but you know she is just doing what kids do best. 
She can turn the pages of books and lift the flaps inside. She still sometimes walks away or does other things when we read to her, but we still read to her anyway. Sometimes, after reading to her, she'll pass us more books. Let's hope she's multitasking and still listening. In any case, we will still continue reading to her at least three times a day, and alternate English and Mandarin books.
Able to take off her socks and shoes herself. She also knows where to keep her shoes when we come home.

Kaitlin can be a fussy eater. She will push her food out if she doesn't like it and refuse to eat it. Sometimes she will throw a tantrum as well, so I try to coax her by giving her treats like organic raisins and baby biscuits. 
She can also take forever to chew her food -.- So seeing that I don't have much patience, and also the fact that if she continues sitting there she will also spit her food out, I've ended up breaking up her meals into shorter but more frequent ones. 
She's eating a wider variety of foods. Recently introduced emmental cheese and kale to her. Also some new baby snacks.
Kaitlin can walk really fast and almost run when she gets really excited. Recently, she got so excited she hit her head on the floor too hard. She was actually trying to play like let her head touch the floor like handstand kind of thing, but she got too excited she banged her head. Needless to say, she cried but thankfully a little coaxing and she was fine. 

Her main form of movement now is walking > pram
When she get's a little shy or afraid she'll lift her shirt up. It's really cute!
She can also get pretty fussy about sensations/textures on her hand/feet. Like sand or powdery stuff, she'll make it known that she feels uncomfortable.
If she drops something like food or a spoon on the floor, she'll communicate to us to let us know. I'm quite happy about this cos I feel like she actually cares that she dropped something and is not afraid to let us know instead of pretending like nothing happened.

She likes to pick up food she has dropped to eat -.- 
The other day she could hold on to the bar for 24 seconds on her own. This girl is so strong I don't know where she gets it from!
She is less resistant to teeth brushing now so that's good as well.
We are currently trying to sleep train her to sleep through the night without latching on in the middle. Initially there seemed to be progress, but now it's sort of backfired. Hoping this improves. 
Also cutting down on breastfeeding her but she can get pretty persistent and cranky if she doesn't get it. Hoping to stop before she starts school.

Kaitlin can throw and she loves throwing balls and recently because of CNY, she's been throwing oranges on the floor. She also likes to play with Daddy Li's basketball. Kicks and throws it Future basketball or soccer player perhaps?
She's pretty clever in getting what she wants. She'll cry really loud and have meltdowns, but we don't give in all the time so we are hoping this doesn't become a bad habit.
She likes riding and bouncing toys.
Kaitlin also loves feeding other people/toys. For example, she likes to feed the toy unicorn I bought for her. She also shares her food with us and feeds us fruits.

That's about it for the past month! So excited that she's turning one and a half years old next month :D If you are interested to read about her turning 16 months old click here. Have a good week xx

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