Friday 1 February 2013

Spring Cleaning

Hello! Just checking into this space cos I feel like I've neglected it so much. We've been so busy spring cleaning the past week and omg, we are not even halfway through it. I know, how is this even possible right?

Sigh, I seriously can't wait to be done with spring cleaning. All the decluttering and organizing + cleaning up is making me really zzz.

I kind of regret starting on the whole spring cleaning thing. It was never my kind of thing, but I thought the house was in a huge mess so why not right? I was wrong D: #woe

Thankfully though, I've this tiny person to cheer me up

Love her so much! The hugs and kisses she gives is equivalent to magic wishing pixie dust that makes all your problems/sadness/angst go away <3 Definitely reaffirms the fact that I don't regret staying home and being with her and watching her grow up!

Well as much as I would love to keep her by my side, this girl is growing up so fast and will be starting school soon. We've finally made up our minds and paid the deposit and one month's school fees for her preschool. Now, it's all about getting her ready for school, like scheduling her nap time to match the school's, and letting her socialise more so that she can hopefully transition easily into the new environment. 

Well that's about all for this post! Got more things to check off my to-do list. Happy Weekend all! :)

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