Tuesday 26 March 2013

Daddy Li's Birthday [ Part Five ]

This is finally the last post about Daddy Li's birthday and also how we spent our last day in Bintan!

Look at Kaitlin waking up in the morning! A little grumpy and pouty at first, but all smiles after! 

We headed for breakfast after she woke up and to the pool straight after that. We didn't get to spend much time at the pool though cos we had to check out that day.

Thankfully the hotel staff allowed us to check out late, so we managed to head to the mini zoo one last time before we left. We practically went there everyday throughout our trip. We fed the animals like spam fed, cos they looked so hungry and we really pitied them cos their food was just near them, but they couldn't have any of it cos they would have to wait for visitors like us to feed them :( It's like tempting them, quite cruel I feel. I mean maybe put the food where it's not visible, if not these animals will feel really miserable right?! I would! Like so near, yet so far.

I took quite a few photos of Daddy Li feeding the animals but I decided it would be quite boring to see the same few images...so here is a random picture of a cockatoo that I decided to plonk in instead. It was quite annoying actually cos it kept making all sorts of noise -.- like some old grandmother nagging in a high pitch voice. 

We couldn't loiter any longer, so we sadly strolled to the lobby :(( at that moment, I really wished time would just freeze, and we could just enjoy the beautiful time we had there. Sure we got frustrated at times, and it was tiring, but it was still a nice getaway, even though..well you can never really get away...when your kid is tagging along but I'm sure you get what I mean.

Sigh, thinking about it is making me really sad and I want to return to Bintan soon! Just for the beautiful scenery and to laze at the pool and beach everyday!

Sobs. Well, this is Kaitlin on the shuttle bus that we were taking to the airport. Cheeky little girl poking my camera lens. Well cheeky little girl soon turned into cranky little girl.

We boarded the ferry and got back to SG in the evening. We were super duper exhausted when we got  home, but well it was really good to be able to getaway for abit and a nice way to celebrate Daddy Li's birthday. Hopefully we will get the chance to travel again soon!

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