Thursday 14 March 2013

Daddy Li's Birthday [ Part Four ]

Harro! I'm back to blog about more of Daddy Li's birthday (Part One, Part Two, Part Three). Trying very hard to clear my backlog so please bear with me and I'll soon be on track with my blog postings.

So Day 2 came, we woke up briefly to see the sunrise. Quite happy that Daddy Li actually woke up and got out of bed when I woke him up to see it. I was expecting that I would have to bug him for quite awhile before he would get his ass off but he didn't so I was a happy girl! happiness didn't last that long cos he plonked back to bed soon after -.- Since no one was gonna be up to have entertain/have fun with me I decided to go back to sleep as well. I know I sound like a small kid but I just like to make full use of my time on a vacation that's all! :(
When Kaitlin woke up, we went down for brekkie and then headed back to the room to change and go to the pool. Before we left, we lighted Daddy Li's cake which was a complimentary gift from Nirwana!

We played at the pool for awhile, but since Kaitlin wasn't really loving it cos she was a little afraid we headed to the playground nearby. She really liked the playground but it was getting really hot so we proceeded to the beach next. 

We were really hoping that she would love it, but well she was super afraid  It's Kaitlin's first time to the beach so well it's understandable that she didn't like the sand and all. Yes, this girl can be quite the fussy little one. We tried to coax her and show her that it's fine and not to feel bothered by the texture of the sand on her tiny feet but that didn't work. So we tried to put her shoes on and let her walk on the sand, but she still didn't want to be at the beach and got real cranky. 

Her crankiness was also due to the fact that it was about to be her nap time so we returned to the room and changed. Daddy Li volunteered to help with naptime so that I could go for a massage. So sweet <3 Of course I couldn't really enjoy my massage in peace cos I was worrying about the little sweetheart, but all was well. She woke up shortly after I returned and then it was time for us to head out for lunch! We were really famished!

We took a cab over to Pasar Oleh Oleh since we had just missed the shuttle bus. We ordered bulgogi beef, scallops, calamari and hot plate tofu. All was yummy! The prices are about the same as the typical cze char places in Singapore, so don't expect the food to be cheaper just cos it's Bintan!

We walked around a little more after lunch and decided to head back cos it got really boring and it was extremely warm! Here's us waiting for our ride back..

As you can see, Daddy Li was so sweaty till everything stuck on him. It was quite funny! Though Kaitlin was being a little difficult during lunch time, she was great afterwards despite the heat. Thumbs up babygirl!

It felt so great to finally get back to the hotel! Aircon heaven! :D The rest of the day was spent going back to the pool and chilling. By this time, Kaitlin was starting to enjoy having fun at the pool. We tried our luck to bring her to the beach again but it was still a no-no for her.  This girl really needs some time to warm up to new surroundings, but one step at a time for now I guess.

Evening was spent strolling around the hotel compound and visiting the mini zoo again since Daddy Li enjoyed seeing the pythons and crocodiles. It was a really nice evening just strolling and chatting about life. If only everyday could be like this!

Since we couldn't eat much for dinner, we decided to head to the Kelong Restaurant. We missed the shuttle bus but the staff were kind enough to drive us there. I think it's cos of the baby! I swear with a baby, sometimes you get special privileges :) How awesome right? Beats sharing a bus with other people and having to stop at every stop in between!! As it was getting late, we decided to pack dinner back and just eat and watch tv in the room instead. Put Kaitlin to sleep shortly after and did the usual "chores" before I zonked on the bed with Daddy and babygirl. That's about all for Day 2!

One more post coming up to conclude Daddy Li's birthday. Well it's basically just how we spent the last day in Bintan. It's nothing much but I don't want to continue here as this post is getting quite long, so check back for it yeah!

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