Sunday 10 March 2013

Philips Avent Baby Shower

A few weeks back we got the chance to attend the Philips Avent Baby Shower media event, and I must say, it definitely was a splendid evening. The venue at Studio54, Monk's Hill Terrace was done up so beautifully and the entire event was catered to what we mommies really needed (more on that later!)

During the event, we were introduced to Philips Avent's newly redesigned bottles and breast pumps - the Natural Range Milk Bottles and Comfort Range Breast Pumps. It's the first time since 29 years that they have redesigned their products so I was naturally interested to find out more since we've been using Avent bottles, milk containers and sterilizer for Kaitlin. 

It was also a great opportunity for me to meet up with other mommies from Singapore Mom Bloggers. I haven't chatted with any of them in real life, so it was definitely a great experience to get to mingle and chat with some of them.

As I mentioned earlier on, the event really catered to our needs as mothers. There was a baby changing area set up with pillows and even wet wipes provided. They also had an area where you could try out their other products like the Avent sterilizer and food warmer.

They also set up a play area filled with toys and colouring activities for the kids and also babysitters to help look after them so that the moms can mingle in peace. There was even a cot as well! Fabulous right?

I also really liked the fact that they kept the introduction to their new range of products short and interactive. With babies and kids, it really is hard for us parents to sit still and listen through a long talk as the tiny ones will get bored fast, and it would be hard for us to pay attention or even sit through it without having to struggle to keep them on our laps.

What else was fabulous? The food! There was a wide array of food! NOM NOM! They even provided their Avent toddler cutlery so that the kids could enjoy some good food as well.

Last but not least, the staff from the PR agency were all so friendly and helpful. I think at least 4 or 5 of them came up to us to introduce themselves and I saw so many of them volunteering to help other mommies with this and that. When the mommies were about to leave, they called cabs for us, and carried umbrellas whilst helping some of us with our barang barang. I mean it's one thing to fulfill your job and provide information about your products and your brand, but they were definitely going the extra mile at this event!

I also must add that they gave us a souvenir gift when we left, and no it wasn't something lame like a keychain or a was this:

It was a Build-A-Bear teddy! Needless to say...Kaitlin loved it!

I must admit that since Kaitlin was about 6 months old she didn't really use the bottles much as she preferred to direct latch, however we still kept them and used them whenever we tried to feed her formula milk or expressed breast milk. 

If not for these new redesigned bottles, I would definitely still stick to using our current Avent bottles for our future kids (let's hope this would happen haha!). I'm really excited by their new redesign which is said to help babies latch on to the bottle more naturally because of it's wide, breast-shaped nipple. It really was what I was looking for in a bottle. From past experience with Kaitlin, she really refused the bottle as she could tell the difference between the bottle teat and the real deal so it was hard to try to get her back on to bottle feeding. However with this new redesign, I think doing both direct latching on and bottle feeding might actually be possible!

More exciting to me is the breast pump!

image courtesy of Philips Avent

With Kaitlin, I have never ever used a breast pump to express my milk. I are probably going "HUH? So how did this woman breastfeed her child till now?!" Well, I did it the traditional way! Manually expressing it with my bare hands (I'm sorry if the image is rather disturbing). The reason why I didn't get a breast pump then was due to the fact that I didn't know how long I would be breastfeeding Kaitlin cos I wasn't sure if I had enough milk (this all thanks to the confinement nanny who kept insisting I didn't have enough milk!), so I felt that getting a breast pump would be a waste of money. However, now that I know more about breastfeeding and that the confinement nanny was bullcrapping me, I think I might actually get an Avent one if we do have another baby.

Imagine the effort it will save me and no more backaches cos with this newly designed Comfort Breast Pumps you wouldn't have to bend forward to pump your milk. Also I like how it's really compact! Saves space at home and perfect for working moms who still want to breastfeed their tiny ones or for moms who are on-the-go.

If you would like to find out more about Philips Avent's new products, you can check it out here.

Disclaimer: We were invited to the Philips Avent Baby Shower. All comments are based on my own opinion/view of the products and brand and was not influenced by any external factors.

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