Tuesday 30 April 2013

April [ in pictures ]

How is it already going to be May and soon half a year would have gone by?! I shall take the fact that time seems to have flown by to be a good thing.

April was a month of firsts! It was the first time sending Kaitlin off to school. Also the first time that I'm away from her for a period of time. I couldn't stop worrying about her, and I questioned my decision of why I even wanted to let her start school. I also went through a period of self-doubt about myself as a mother.

It was also the first time that we sent Kaitlin for enrichment class. I had wanted to her to start her enrichment class much earlier, but of course there was a long waiting line, and it had to start on the same week that Kaitlin started school! To our pleasant surprise, she was great during her first enrichment class.

With all the new adjustments, it's the first time that Kaitlin has started throwing really bad tantrums like screaming, hitting and going on the floor kicking here and there! Perhaps a case of the terrible two  that might have started off a little early or her way of adjusting to everything new this month. I had a fair share of dealing with her tantrums all on my own, and yet again wondered if all these arrangements were right for her. I understand how Kaitlin feels, and have read on how we should deal with it, but sometimes it's easier said than done, especially when I'm actually quite a bad-tempered and impatient person. Well, as Daddy Li says the earlier it starts the earlier it ends, so let's hope that we will be able to guide her the right way and everything will be back to normal soon. Been trying to not yell/scold her if necessary and not get angry with her but try to stay positive and all and it's been working so far! Except for today though, I scolded her cos she was being difficult during her mealtimes. It's only cos I am really really tired! Before you start judging, it's not easy being a mom okay! We are humans too! On top of looking after ourselves, we got a house, a husband and a child to take care of.

School wise, I'm happy to report that Kaitlin has made significant progress. She's been adjusting well to school and class. Still cries when I drop her off, and occasionally cries during class time but a major improvement in my opinion. It's only been slightly less than a month since she has started and she's only 19 months old, so big claps for her!

April was a month of us falling ill. Well, Kaitlin and me mainly. She fell ill (first time she even fell ill cos of a jab and first time she had fever!) after her jabs, got better but got ill again after she started school. She passed it to me..and I'm still not well. Now all that's left is a sore throat :(

We also did a few homelearning activities this month and I might blog about them soon! Also, I've finally moved my blog to a new domain: www.hellolittlesunshine.com Please support and show your love!

This month, I'm thankful for Daddy Li. Not that I'm not thankful for him at all, just that this month, I'm particularly appreciative of him. Thankful that I could share with him about how I felt dropping the first few days when I dropped Kaitlin off at school. How I felt sad, and how my heart ached hearing her cry and how I couldn't stop worrying about her. He would encourage me by saying things like "It's got to be done, since the decision has already been made just go along with it" and telling me that it's either she cries now or later. I'm glad that I was able to share with him how I questioned myself if I made the right decision or not. Usually our serious conversations would end up in us getting frustrated with each other and end there, but this time it was different and I'm happy that the communication between us has improved. Recently, he hasn't been able to come home and it's been a little more tiring and I've been down as a result, but well absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I hope that this makes us learn to appreciate each other better. Thank you for everything hubxz!

It was definitely a busy April and I'm feeling so tired out. I can't wait for May to come cos hey hey it's a public holiday tmr! Ironically, it's Labour Day but in mommy land there is no Labour Day, we are on call 24/7 D: I'm just hoping that with Daddy Li around I can chill a little!

I hope May will be a smooth-sailing month esp with less tantrums from the little one. I'm also looking forward to May cos we will be celebrating our wedding anniversary :))


  1. I also hope she will have lesser tantrums. The other day was so sad seeing her cry at Toa Payoh. :(

    1. Yeah..she was tired la! Alot of activities in school, and then she thought you gonna steal her bag that's why. She very possessive of her school bag lol!