Wednesday 24 April 2013

ECP Outing

Two weekends ago, instead of spending our weekends like how we usually do we rented a car and decided to explore places that aren't that easily accesible to us.

On my list of places to go was definitely ECP. I made it a point that we HAD to go there. Why? Simply because ECP had so much meaning to Daddy Li and I. It was the place where we went to for the first two times we went out together. I wouldn't really call it a date, more like chilling, and as cheesy as it sounds, yes we went to watch the sun rise. Well that turned into him asking me to be his girlfriend, and you get the idea of how the story goes.

Since Kaitlin entered our lives, we have never been back to ECP since. The distance alone was a huge factor. Thus, since we had this opportunity I made sure we left the house early and off we went to ECP. Being real noobs, we made a few wrong turns here and there before we reached the East side.

That ended up in me suggesting us to just lunch first and then let Kaitlin nap before proceeding with our ECP plan.

328 Katong Laksa for lunch!

In all honesty, the laksa was good, but I didn't feel it was worth to travel all the way to Katong just for it. Their otah was really good though. If you're there, do give their otah a try! We liked it cos it was really smooth.

After our laksa lunch, we decided to have some pancakes for dessert and also so that we could feed Kaitlin her lunch. Back at the laksa place, it was quite hard to feed her cos she was so fidgety.

As you can see, she was pretty fidgety at Batter Fluffy Flaps as well, so our plan to feed her didn't really work. Overall, we didn't find the pancakes any special but I must say that we absolutely loved the interior and design of the place. It's very cutesy and chill! Great for kids and Kaitlin enjoyed sitting in their mini chairs and roaming around.

Right after that, we quickly headed to the car so that Kaitlin could take a nap while we made our way to ECP.

When we reached, babygirl was still asleep so we just chilled. Once she woke up, we proceeded to rent the huge family bicycle and it was PINK!! Well, the uncle gave us a pink one, but if he didn't I would have chosen a pink one anyway!

We first sat Kaitlin in between us to let her chill first and be more used to the bicycle before we placed her in front. She's not the kind that likes to be without us or welcomes a new environment, so we made sure that she felt safe and secure first. To our surprise, when we placed her in front, she was loving it!

The both of them are so cute right?! Yeah, so cute until I almost got ran down by another bicycle while trying to take this photo!

Kaitlin was so cute sitting in front that we got alot of people checking her out on the bike. She would even ring the bicycle bell. It was really a lot of fun cycling for the whole one hour.

Check out this short video of them cycling!

Quite sad I didn't get to take a picture with babygirl on the bicycle, but next time perhaps!

Anyway we returned the bike and wanted to bring Kaitlin to play with the sand (I even brought her sand and water toys plus swimsuit!) but she was really afraid of the sand that she started freaking out. I hadn't even put her down on the sand nor did she have any contact with it D: I think everyone on the beach thought I was trying to torture her on something. Hope that Kaitlin will get over her fear of sand soon, so that we can head to the beach more often.

Since she didn't want to play, we decided to just head home. 

I was so glad that we made the long trip to ECP cos it was really such a fun day. We didn't do much, but it's not how long that matters or how much we did, but the moments I feel. I was really happy to be able to go back with Daddy Li to our special place, and of course bring Kaitlin along with us. Definitely way better than the usual window shopping around town :)

Let's do this again Daddy Li <3

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