Wednesday 10 April 2013

S.E.A Aquarium

Continuing on from our lunch at Ocean Restaurant, we headed to the S.E.A Aquarium next! We were so excited to check it out that we almost felt like kids, but it really did seem beautiful from all the pictures everywhere.

We got to see quite few scuba divers and I thought it was pretty cool. In fact, I actually overheard a staff telling another that they have these scuba divers swimming around cos visitors will find it interesting. I think it's a damn cool job if you were one of them. Scuba dive and get paid! It's like being paid to shop.

Oops! Sorry for the mistake above! It should be "fish under our feet"! There's no plural for fish yeah.

As you can see, it was pretty hard to take nice pictures cos there were so many people, and everyone was blocking and pushing. Like chill people, the aquarium ain't gonna run away. By the way, all this happened on a weekday. So if you are intending to visit, I strongly recommend you to go on a weekday. Better still, go in the morning to beat the crowd.

Ooohhhh, I love these sea creatures! JELLYFISH! A thought just occurred to me that while I love looking at them..I also love eating them :( I bet when I was staring at them, they were probably thinking "Hey! You ate my brother" or something like that. Anyway! I really love how they look, and how they move. Makes me feel so calm looking at them..and I feel like I'm in a dreamy state.

By this time, Kaitlin had just woken up from her nap! Finally she can join in the fun :)

I have no idea how I took the picture of Kaitlin below. It looks like I overlapped another photo over, but I didn't. It just turned out like that!

The exhibit below was one of my favourites besides the jellyfish ones. Simply because there were so many pretty and colourful fish. Also, we used to have some of them at home when I was young, so it kind of brought back some memories.

Hehe. Nemo and Dory in the same shot? Coincidence? I think not!

What's cooler than a unicorn? A unicorn fish of course! We saw some of these back at the Ocean Restaurant, and well they were really named the Unicorn Fish!

Then came Daddy Li's fave exhibits - the sharks. I think it's a guy thing. Well, in my opinion it seemed like his fave. He was particularly interested in looking at the sharks and lobsters!

Oh yes! For the benefit of Kaitlin, we did walk back to some of the more interesting exhibits for Kaitlin to take a look-see.

Overall it was a fun trip, except for the rude people along the way. I felt there was really quite a wide variety of sea creatures to look at and learn about. Kind of felt like an excursion, except this time we weren't the kids, and instead we had a kid to look after. Looking forward to more of such trips when Kaitlin is slightly older! Definitely will make it like a home learning lesson outdoors! I feel it's always better to learn the fun way, through exploring and learning beyond the books. Next up, the Singapore Zoo?

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