Friday 26 April 2013

Strangers' Reunion

I love brunch, and enjoy checking out different brunch places so the poor hubzx has been following me on my eating adventure. This time round, we dropped by Strangers' Reunion located at Kampong Bahru Road.

Look at how Kaitlin makes herself comfortable by climbing everywhere!

I've been seeing lots of people dining at Strangers' Reunion that I was expecting there to be a crowd. On the contrary, the place was less than half full. Now, in my opinion that's great news cos we don't have to wait for a table and also means less waiting time for the food. I didn't doubt that the food and would be bad since I've already chanced upon so many yummy instagram-ed photos of their food. Afterall, it is opened by Singapore National Barista Champion Ryan Tan.

Their menu has a variety of sandwiches, salads and brunch items however it was not very extensive in each of their categories so I was rather disappointed with this. However, lucky there were items on the menu that I had wanted to try. Daddy Li and I decided to get the Buttermilk Waffles with Maple Syrup and Fruits and the Strangest Breakfast Ever. We also got a Mocha to share.

Food wise, I love love loved the waffles. Seriously, you can't go wrong with using Buttermilk in anything. I am a big fan of waffles, so I'm glad they had this on their menu. Not many brunch places do waffles, they usually only have pancakes. Fruits were fresh, and I wouldn't have minded more :)

As for the Strangest Breakfast Ever, which is like a big breakfast of sorts, we enjoyed the Eggs Benedict and bacon. Bacon was slightly sweet, we think they might have added honey which made it  even more yummy. We felt that the other items like ham was quite redundant and that a bigger portion should have been served for that price. 

Coffee was great and you should definitely get a cuppa if you visit!

Service was excellent and staff were very friendly so major points for that. I really enjoyed the ambience and laid-back vintage feel of the place. Despite the menu, I would definitely return again just cos of the lovely place and the staff. Plus I want to try their cakes out!

Strangers' Reunion is really a nice quaint cafe to head to have brunch with your friends or even to just relax and read your novel. For families with small kids, do note that they do not have high chairs.

If you would like to check the place out:

Strangers' Reunion
Add: 37 Kampong Bahru Road

Tel: 6222 4869
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 9am-10pm (Closed on Tues)

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  1. Thanks for joining my Foodie Fridays~ Hope to see you here more often ^^,

    Bacon with honey, that's an idea! I guess honey will sort of take away the saltiness in the bacon. Next time I'll try to brush some honey on my bacon before frying it.

    1. No problem Jennifer! Yes, I think honey is yummy with almost anything. Love to glaze meat with honey when BBQ-ing!