Wednesday 1 May 2013

Funky Feet Fashions Footwear Review x Giveaway!

We recently received a pair of Funky Feet Fashions footwear from Baby's Breath for review, and I couldn't wait to let Kaitlin try them out!

These soft and flexible soled shoes are made in UK, and come in a variety of designs, which scream CUTE!! How can you not want to buy these shoes right? They look so comfortable and so pretty at the same time.

Here's Kaitlin trying them out in her room:

As you can see, she was super excited when I put them out and proceeded to check them out. Just to let you know, the shoes that we got are meant for 18-24 months old and though Kaitlin is 19 months old already, they were still a little too big for her. Nevertheless, we decided to still test them out!

We had just mopped the floor in Kaitlin's room but I decided to just let her try walking around to test if it really is indeed non-slip, and yes! She could roam freely and not slip like how she might probably have if she was barefoot.

Kaitlin is usually quite fussy with her shoes, and only likes to wear shoes that she's worn frequently like her favourite pair of hello kitty vans. However, she seemed to like this pair quite a fair bit. I attribute it to the soft cotton lining which probably makes it more comfortable than her other pairs of shoes that are made from leather. 

I also decided to film her just to show you guys how easily she can move about wearing these shoes.

Love that she can walk, run and skip/jump with the shoes on and I don't have to worry one bit because the shoes come with non-slip suede soles.

There's more! I decided to let her test try the shoes while we were grocery shopping..and you really can't tell that the shoes are a tad big for her cos she can move about with such ease.

What's more, their 'Slip-on' 'Stay-on' design means that I don't have to bother about her shoes coming off easily even if they're a little bigger than her feet.

By now you might already be thinking that these shoes can only be worn indoors, but they were perfectly fine when worn outdoors as well!

I would definitely rank Funky Feet Fashions footwear as one of the top baby shoes to buy on my list, next to Pediped and See Kai Run. They are comfy and their soft, flat soles are great for foot development in young toddlers who are just starting to learn to walk. One more advantage - they are machine washable!!


Giveaway time now! Baby's Breath, the official distributor of the Funky Feet Fashions footwear in Singapore has kindly sponsored a $50 voucher to giveaway to one lucky winner! Here's what you have to do:

1. Like the 'Hello Little Sunshine' Facebook Page
2. Like the 'Funky Feet Fashions Singapore' Facebook Page
3. Leave a comment here with the answer to 'Where are the Funky Feet Fashions footwear manufactured in?"

Giveaway ends 10 May 2013.

Disclaimer: Kaitlin's Funky Feet Fashions footwear was sponsored by Baby's Breath. All content, comments and reviews are based on my own opinion/view of the product and brand and was not influenced by any external factors.


  1. Kaitin looks so adorable in those shoes!
    Ok, back to the contest, funky feet fashion footwear is made in UK:)

    1. Haha thanks Jac! They are really very comfy.. Btw, thanks for participating :)

  2. The shoes are made in the UK. And your little girl is really very adorable! :)

    1. Hehe thank you for your sweet comment :) Good luck for the giveaway!

  3. I know I know! They're made in the UK! She looks so cute in her shoes. And so happy shopping!

  4. I'll love to have these! Funky Feet is made in the UK!

  5. Funky Feet is manufactured in UK ! Kaitlin's looking so adorable !!

  6. Made in UK! Both shoes and your girl looked too cute! :)

  7. Ok liked! And they are made in the UK. :) And she looked pretty happy walking about in them! ;)

  8. They're made in the UK. Your little gal looks so adorable and comfy in her new shoes. :)

  9. Hello! They are made in UK and I must say, the designs are cute!

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