Thursday 16 May 2013

Home Learning - Pipe Cleaners and Colander

As mentioned in my previous post, I'll be sharing some of our home learning activities on Hello Little Sunshine, and hopefully it'll become a regular thing. 

Here's our first home learning activity!

A couple of weeks back, I decided to let Kaitlin try playing with pipe cleaners and a colander. I like to try to use everyday objects that can be easily found at home and incorporate them into our home learning.

I simply gave her both items and let her explore the materials on her own. Afterawhile, I demonstrated to her that she could actually put the pipecleaners through the holes in the colander. Look at her trying it out herself:

Through this activity, Kaitlin was able to practice her fine motor skills, and also use her imagination and creativity. 

Without any prompting or demonstration, she continued to play and explore with the materials. Using her own imagination, a colander became a mask! Hmm, there's spiderman and batman..maybe there will be colanderwoman?

A colander also soon became a hat for her. She was running around the house using the colander as a mask or hat. Super hilarious, and till today she still finds it fun doing that.

As you can tell, she wasn't very interested in the pipecleaners. I tried to introduce them again but she wasn't into it still so I just let her be and continue exploring with the colander.

She found her rattle toy and decided to place it in the colander and shake it. I took the opportunity to teach her about big and small objects, and how you can place small objects into big ones, but not the other way round. We also listened out for the sounds that we could hear, like when the toy and colander hit each other and the rattling of her toy.

Next, Kaitlin found her kitty cat soft toy interesting and decided to play with it. I stepped in and let her try touching the material of her toy through the holes of the colander. She was quite fascinated with it.

But of course, she couldn't resist using the colander as a mask again! This home learning activity of pipe cleaners and colander so became more about the colander but that's okay. We could still learn many other things. Like the appearance of metal and the sounds produced when hit or dropped. Kaitlin also had the opportunity to be creative and found many uses of a colander.

Since she was having fun playing with the colander, I decided to continue letting her play with it during our next home learning activity. Will blog about it soon, so do keep a lookout :)

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