Sunday 19 May 2013

Kaitlin is 20 months old!

Wow! Kaitlin is now the big 2-0..well 20 months that is. 4 more months till she turns 2!!! Quite exciting, but also please stop growing so fast my little one.

It's been one crazy month! Kaitlin is in her terrible twos stage. Yes, I know she started when she was 18/19 months old..but well, some start early, some start late and some don't even have that phase. I tried to believe the saying that there is no such thing as the terrible twos and its just a phase where they can't communicate their wants/likes and dislikes/frustrations etc, but well sometimes when I reach the breaking point, it's really quite hard to believe that. Still, I am trying my best to control my temper and teach her to do likewise as well. I did manage to stay scream free for a week but that was it.

If you think I'm a terrible mom cos I scream..all I can say is wait till you become a mom cos all moms will know what I mean..unless of course you don't look after your child and outsource the help. Then good for you!

Anyway, back to the topic of Kaitlin! It's been a crazy month, but also one with lots of progression in terms of Kaitlin's verbal speech. Finally so happy to hear her babbling more new words as I was definitely getting worried. This has really put my mind at ease. So well, more about her developments in the past month:

Kaitlin has started to babble quite abit more than usual. Now she can say dog, bird, bread, bag, hi, bye bye, papa, baba, mama, ai ni, bao bao, milk, bubble, ball, door, more, mat, dark, wow, my bag.
She can also say car, card, cat but they all come out as  "dar", "dard", "dat" cos I think she still can't
pronounce the /c/ sound. She also says snake as "nake". 

When I say butterfly, she will start to swing and move her arms, as if mimicking a butterfly's wings
She can recognise the objects above and will start saying ball, bird, dog etc.
She can successfully walk up and down the stairs on her own. Though outside, she is still not that confident of climbing the stairs on her own.
Loves to run and jump.

Through some of the Shichida classes she's been attending, we find that she is quite observant and can tell the difference between two similar images and choose the correct one that was flashed earlier on.
She has taken a liking to reading books, by bringing us more and more books when we are reading. Though she is still very active and walking about sometimes during story telling time at home, but we hope she's listening.

Her tantrums are still quite bad.
Still spits out her food that's in been in her mouth for quite some time. Doesn't really like fruits
She loves to look at her school's communication book and look at pictures of herself.

Her fine motor skills are quite good. She is able to insert one straw into another, and can peel off stickers.
Able to scribble.
Can identify body parts such as eyes, nose, mouth, head, hair, tummy and toes.
She can turn over a container and dump the contents

Knows how to throw away rubbish and where the dustbin is at. She knows how to open the rubbish bin with her foot as well.
When she sees cutlery at home or at the departmental store, she likes to pretend play to eat
Likes to play with phones and pretend play
I've noticed that she's much taller than she used to be. Maybe she had a growth spurt or something!

That's pretty much it most of it. I'm definitely hoping that there will be less tantrums from her, and that the next month will be a good one. I'm of course gonna try and stay scream free for two weeks and hope that I can reach that goal and perhaps more but we'll see.

Special little note to my babygirl:

To my dearest little sweetheart, in all honesty you can really be quite the tyrant, but just writing this post has made me so happy, especially looking at the photos! Despite how badass you can be, recalling all your antics the past month has made me feel like the luckiest woman being able to watch you grow up everyday. Yes, that baby who's laughing away one minute, and then screaming hysterically cos mommy doesn't let you lick the spoon that has dropped on the floor. I love you so much you fiesty little girl. Well, just cos I love you doesn't mean we don't have to work on your attitude anymore, we still have to but I'll promise you I'll be there every step of the way :) Big tight hugs and a million kisses for you!

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