Friday 10 May 2013

Little Yums

Friends of mine would know that I'm very particular about what Kaitlin eats, and would prepare most of her meals for her. The number of times that we've used jarred or pouched foods can be counted with the fingers on one hand. Also, we rarely give her table foods, but are slowly opening up to the idea. We do so but in moderation.

I find that preparing food for Kaitlin can be alot of fun, yet not all that simple cos I've got to make sure her meals are healthy and yummy tasting at the same time plus my little one can be quite the fussy eater. I don't use salt, sugar or msg for her food. Also, no frozen food like peas or carrots or pre-made applesauce even if they are organic. Everything has to be bought fresh and prepared then frozen. 

I suppose many moms out there would face the same problem as I do preparing and planning for her meals to be nutritious and delicious..thus I've decided that I would share the more well-received-by- Kaitlin recipes here and they'll be categorized under Little Yums!

Do note that I ain't no chef or expert at cooking, just a regular mom trying to be a domestic goddess ^^v so please don't expect your child to be eating bowls after bowls. Though I do hope they will..cos that will mean the recipes are a success! Please do feel free to share your tips, recommendations or recipes if you've got any! I'll be happy to try them out :)

Meanwhile, if you've just started weaning your baby or need more inspiration for cooking for your little ones, here are some links that I've found very useful:

Wholesome Baby Food
Annabel Karmel
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Happy Cooking :D

Psst! My first Little Yums post will be out tonight, so do remember to check back :)

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