Friday 31 May 2013

Our Second Wedding Anniversary - Part Two!

On the morning of our wedding anniversary, we dropped Kaitlin off at school together and then headed to Riders Cafe for brunch! Riders Cafe is one of my favourite brunch spots. The food never disappoints and I get to see ponies :D:D

Since it was a weekday, the cafe was pretty empty and we even got to choose our favourite outdoor spot. It always gets super crowded on weekends, so if you are thinking of heading down it is best to make a reservation.

The lemon ricotta pancakes were really good and you should really give them a try if you can cos they served limited portions. The blueberries on the side were an excellent accompaniment to the fluffy pancakes, and the portion was just enough to fill our tummies.

There's nothing bad to say about the smoked salmon and creamed eggs. You can't really go wrong with   a salmon, eggs and avocado combo! As the name suggests, the eggs were indeed morsels of creamy goodness. The only gripe that Daddy Li had about it was that they only served one asparagus and it was soggy.

Being greedy me, and because I had a bad craving for scones..we decided to try out the ones at Riders Cafe. Presentation wise, it doesn't look that appetizing..but oh my, these scones are really..da bomb dot com. It's really hard to find good scones in SG, they are either too hard or too soft..and worse, some are served cold. Like they don't bother to heat it up or it's just the outside that's warm and the inside is cold and tastes like overnight food.

Would have been better if they served clotted cream, but since it's already so hard to find yummy scones in SG I'll still order it again even without the clotted cream.

As usual, service is good and prices are reasonable. Portions are just nice, and you can hardly find anything to complain about the food. It's also great that they open earlier than most brunch spots..perfect for the early birds! Best of get to see ponies, which I'm sure kids and adults will enjoy. The only problem would be that it's a tad out of the way for people without a car, but don't let that stop you from checking out the place at least once.
Here are the cafe's details:

Riders Cafe
Add: 56 Fairways Drive
Tel: 6466 9189
Opening Hours: Daily 8.30am - 10pm (closed on Tue)

After our brunch, we decided to walk around a little to see the ponies and to try and digest all the yummy food we had. 

They look so sad and bored right?! I tried to entertain them by jumping around and saying Hi and all but they were still I guess that's just them being themselves. Yes, I am aware that I've a child and I still act like one at times..but hey! Life is all about living it young..why behave so old and boring when you've still got the energy.

I asked Daddy Li to pose with the tree..and this is what he did! Quite funny..and at least he pei he me so I was very happy :)

So that was basically how our little date went! We went to The Grandstand after that to visit PasarBella (again). It's really empty on the weekdays and not many of the shops were opened so better to visit on the weekends I feel. We went to Giant after to do some major grocery shopping before picking Kaitlin up.

Daddy Li brought me to dinner that night and I'll be blogging about that soon :) Happy Weekends!

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  1. The food really look yummy for couple date, with the morning sun and air too.