Wednesday 19 June 2013

Father's Day 2013

We were initially not able to celebrate Father's Day this year as Daddy Li had duty, but luckily he managed to change it with another person so yayy! Unfortunately, that also means that instead of him being gone for his four day outfield, he will be gone for FIVE! D: Not sure how I'm gonna survive that, but I shall think positive.

Brought Daddy Li to for a celebratory lunch a day earlier as Sunday is a busy day for us. Actually, it's just that K has Shichida, right smack in the middle of the afternoon so she has to have a decent nap before. We just want to make sure we've got no cranky issues to deal with and she will be totally focused during class. 

I decided on a buffet lunch at Carousel. We had always wanted to try it but never been, so I thought it's the perfect occasion.

No pictures of the food unfortunately!

I wouldn't recommend Carousel's lunch buffet. The choice of seafood was limited, but then again reasonable for the price we paid. I would definitely pay more to go a restaurant with a wider variety cos Daddy Li and myself love seafood! The only thing I was really upset about was that the seafood was quite dirty, for example the clams and mussels had like seaweed or idk what it was in it!

The selection of mains were good in that they had a variety of cuisines from Chinese to Jap to Middle Eastern and Western, however not much options in each cuisine.

Dessert selection was yums! You can't really go wrong with desserts. Our fave was the creme brulee and tiramisu cos they are our favourite desserts. They also had three different kinds of chocolate fondues available, milk choc, white choc and matcha..which I didn't try! Quite a pity, but by then I was rather full perhaps we shall go back for tea soon to check it out!

Staff were friendly and approachable so that made it a good experience.

I must also commend Kaitlin for lasting that two hours while we had lunch! No screaming, no tantrums at all. Of course she had her fair share of ahem..healthy soba noodles with no sauce, tamago, bread and cheese. We also fed her food that I had packed. So yeah Kaitlin when you read this in future, hey hey good job baby girl! Thanks for being an awesome girl and cooperating.

That evening, we gave Daddy Li his craft gift! A crown!!! Got K to scribble cos she loves colouring and scribbling now and then I made it into a crown and stuck those stickers on. Super easy to do and so toddler friendly.

Daddy's celebration continued the next day, where he went off to play basketball in the morning with his friends, then in the afternoon I arranged for him to go for a "relaxing" appointment while I brought K to class. He usually brings her to class cos it's suppose for him to bond with her and for me to rest but this week I brought her. After class we met, and went to collect our dinner! Melben's Crab Beehoon, Daddy Li's favourite! We packed it home cos with K around its quite hard to eat crab outside and also eating at home is so much more comfortable. So that was how we spent Daddy's Day. No frills. Lots of eating, and Daddy Li was a happy boy = happy me!

Though Daddy Li can't always be around, it always makes me so happy to see how he and Kaitlin can bond so well. I can foresee her being a daddy's girl! Happy Father's Day to the husband. I know you don't care for celebrations and all, but you know I'm the complete opposite. You're just someone worth celebrating, and someone I want to celebrate with for the rest of our lives. Thanks for being the father who loves but also disciplines, the one who complains about cleaning poop but still does it and for supporting the decisions I make for K.

Since it was Father's Day, I also got Daddy Li to share about whatever he wanted on Fatherhood as part of the Daddy Matters can read it here if you're interested :)

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