Monday 3 June 2013

May [ in pictures ]

It's three days into June, and I'm a little late for my usual round up of Instagram pics for the past month but better late than never! If you are interested, you can follow me @beaverwoo!

In case it has yet to dawn on you, we are half way into the year already! Wait what? Half a year gone by..and what progress have I made..and what goals have I achieved? Big uh-oh there. I feel that this year has really gone by fast. Faster than other years.

May has felt like a busy month..but yet I can't pinpoint what I was so busy with -.- I guess that just means that the past month has been very unproductive and full of procrastination :( Now I feel like I need to catch-up..but honestly I'm still feeling really lazy :( I seriously need to find some sort of motivation and give myself a serious pep talk.

Well, May has been fun. We celebrated our wedding anniversary, visited Gardens By The Bay to see the tulips and I got to hang with my friends a little. In a mommy's world, when you can meet your friends for even half an hour, it's bloody awesome. It's also been a rocky month I feel, well that's just me thinking too much into things..but yes..hoping the next month will be a better one and that things will improve. Also, I fell ill twice. What is this?! I feel like my body's weaker than Kaitlin's.

June is gonna be a BUSY month. This week alone, there's so much things going on that I've to constantly refer to my planner to remind myself what I've got. It's also gonna be a little more tiring than usual and quite bleak cos Daddy Li has quite a number of duties which means he won't be home D: This isn't very good since Kaitlin has been pretty close to her dad recently and I honestly think she sees him as the greatest man on Earth. Right..she totally forgot who supplies her milk and attends to her every night and is left with eye bags the size of Russia. Well, back to the point..I seriously hope I have the energy and mood to keep up with this month..don't want end up falling sick again (even though yes I'm currently ill again after recovering for like less than a week!) and I definitely don't want to turn into one angry pink hulk. Why pink? Cos it's my favourite is just so bleagh.
Well, I hope May was fantastic for you, and your June will be a better month than mine! If it's gonna be a crazy month, not to're not alone :)

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