Thursday 27 June 2013

Review: Outdoor Shoot with Natsuki Photography

Earlier this month, we had the chance to have an outdoor shoot done with Natsuki Photography.

Prior to our shoot, I had seen some photos taken by Natsuki on her FB page, and that made me really excited for our shoot. We have only had one family photo shoot done, and that was a studio one done last year, so I decided that doing an outdoor one would be different and perhaps even more fun.

We had a few locations to choose from, and I choose the Botanics cos it was the nearest to us which means less time spent travelling and we are so familiar with the place. I do recommend choosing a place that's relatively close to where you stay, cos you don't have to prepare so early and less time spent travelling means less cranky kids!

On the day of our photo shoot, the morning sun was up (yay!), but oh my it got really hot. Initially K was shy and not really interested in taking photos. Luckily she warmed up soon after and that's when the good fun all started!

The Experience
The entire experience was fun but also got quite tiring towards the end. However, that's not a complaint! It was just that the sun was getting really too hot, which made us all sweat quite a bit and a little uncomfortable. Perhaps the next time should we do an outdoor shoot, we would probably go for an evening time slot.

It was great seeing Natsuki photograph K and Daddy Li, and during which I just saw so much love between them which made my heart melt.

Throughout the experience Daddy Li and I felt very comfortable and none of that awkward feeling. I also didn't feel like we were pressurized to keep posing which was good. Natsuki and her assistant really made us feel at ease that I would have totally asked for more time to take extra photos if not for the crazy heat.

With that said, I would most definitely bring us to do an outdoor shoot again, who knows I might make it a yearly affair ^^

The Photographer
Looking at the photos we received, it's obvious that Natsuki knows what she's doing, and I can assure you that you'll get back lots of pretty pictures which will leave you with a difficult time choosing which's your favourite.
It would have been great if Natsuki and her assistant gave us a little more direction as to what to do, but other than that it was really easy to communicate with them. They were both very patient and friendly towards Kaitlin. In fact, it was the photographer who told us to take our time with making K feel comfortable. She did not try to rush us in any way which I really appreciate. 

I noticed that Natsuki had a good eye and was able to quickly capture wonderful moments like K's candid expressions. Not something easy to do as we all know how fast kids move and how quickly their moods change.

The Photos
The photos turned out great, especially the ones with Daddy Li and Kaitlin. Both of them are so photogenic unlike me who could hardly keep my eyes open cos of the sun D: That's of cos is not Natsuki's fault. In fact she did help us take a few shots of the same pose for our family picture and showed them to us on the spot.

I like how natural and candid the photos were and how they had a soft and dreamy feel to it. I like them so much that I'm thinking of enlarging them on canvas and hanging it in our house.

Overall, I'm very happy and satisfied with the entire experience and the photos. Definitely recommend you to consider her if you're thinking of an outdoor shoot with your family or friends.

For all Hello Little Sunshine readers, you get a special discount and only have to pay $199 (U.P $280)! If you're interested in getting back all the photos, there's also an additional 25% off. All you've got to do is:

1. Quote: 'Hello Little Sunshine' when booking your slot
2. Make a confirmation within 1 month of the this blog post (till 27 July)
If you 'Like' their FB page, you get an additional 5% off. If you're confused with all that, hopefully the table below will give you a better understanding:

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You'll get back:- Min. 25 edited images
- All collages and diptychs
- All other unedited photos

So essentially, if you follow the simple steps above all you pay is $199. That's honestly a really good deal right!

** Please do note that the 
prices/package is subject to adjustments. For more information, do contact Natsuki Photography for the latest quotation and package details.

Disclaimer: We received a complimentary family photo shoot from Natsuki Photography for the purpose of this review. All content and opinions are my own, and was not influenced by an external factors.


  1. Kaitlin is soooo gorgeous and adorable! =) And who are you kidding, you are super photogenic LAR! =) Very nice, dreamy shots and what a great package deal offered! =)

    1. Haha thanks for commenting Summer! Aww, you so sweet! Yes, the package is indeed really worth it! Should try it out if you and your family are interested to do a photo shoot.

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