Wednesday 3 July 2013

Home Learning - Ice Cubes

I like to try and use items that we already have at home for our home learning activities cos this saves me the hassle of going out to get anything and also less nagging from the husband about wasting money and how I'm adding to the crazy amount of things we have at home.

Thus, this week I thought of introducing ice cubes to Kaitlin. When I thought of ice cubes, I also realized that as common as it is, I've never ever let K seen ice cubes or play with them. So that's perfect!  I immediately dug up all my ice cube trays and filled them up with coloured water, just cos everything looks prettier when it's coloured! I just used food colouring, the liquid and gel kinds.

I also used some muffin tins and added some random items in. More on that in another post, cos I've yet to let K play with those.

So after K had her lunch, I asked her to come see what I was gonna do. I showed her the ice cube tray and she was interested and wanted to touch it.

Well she did, and the coldness kind of put her off, simply cos she's not use to it. She's quite afraid of new things, but it's fine I told myself that I shall give her time. I just took the opportunity to teach her that it's cold, and that the texture of the ice is smooth.

I also taught her about the shape and colours of the ice cubes. Introduced concepts like if the ice melts it becomes water etc.

As compared to touching the ice cubes with her hands, she much preferred to scoop them up using spades so I just let her be. Though the purpose was to get her to explore with her hands, I'm fine with it cos I feel she'll get to the stage where she's comfortable so I just let her be. I don't want to push her, and end up having her hate it instead.

I'm thinking of re-introducing the ice cubes to her after some time and hopefully she'll be more interested then!

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  1. Love the idea of filling in the ice cube with colored water to look attractive to the kids:)I wanna try it with my Natalie:)

    1. Thanks for commenting Jac! Haha I think you can try with Natalie already, I wished I had introduced them to K earlier.

  2. Love the heart shapes and the colours you used. We've been playing with ice cubes too! Great way to cool off during this very hot weather. Thanks for linking up!