Wednesday 24 July 2013

Home Learning - Sensory Boards

Daddy Li and I made these sensory boards awhile back, and we've let Kaitlin play with them from time to time. I kind of wished we made them earlier, back when Kaitlin was still a baby and could not really move around, cos these make great entertainment for the tiny ones to touch and feel. Now that she's more mobile, she has a shorter attention span, and would much rather run and jump around.

We basically bought foam boards from Art Friend and Daddy Li helped me to cut them up. I did the easy task of finding whatever we had at home that had different and interesting textures, and then stuck them onto the board.

The list of things you could use are endless and here are some that some you could try using:

We all know how small children love to explore and put objects into their mouth so try not to use items that are too small which can fit into their mouth. This might cause choking.

Do note that some of the materials might come out even if you use craft or super glue. In the case of Kaitlin, she can get quite excited and will start touching and pulling them so we've had to re-stick some of the items, but that's not a big issue. If you have a glue gun though, that would be great.

I find that introducing sensory boards to Kaitlin is a great way for her to explore a variety of textures and different sensations. At the same time, she is able to learn more about her environment by learning through touch. It's also a great way to train her fine motor skills and I get to teach her new words like "smooth", "rough", "bumpy" while we are describing the objects to her. Learning is always more fun when you're playing, so hopefully she'll pick up these words soon.

These sensory boards are really easy and affordable to make, so why not try your hand at it as well!

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